Friday, May 8, 2009

Be Full My Heart...The Best Mother's Day Gift

This came in the mail yesterday and, of course, the first thing I had to do was burst into tears. My heart is bursting with pride for Kristen but also for my son who has been her boyfriend for almost three years.
I hope some day she will be my daughter legally but I'm happy just to have her in my life and to have know her as I do. Not to take away any of the very hard work she's done the last four years but I'm also proud of my son, Lucas, for quitting school and going back to work full time to support Kristen through this last year of school. And I also have the personal guilt of pride that our family-us and Lucas' dad and step-mom, Jim and Tammy-have also helped whenever we could, however we could, when they really needed it. They would wait until the they were out of options before they would call. She's family and that's what families do. We love her and are so proud of her. Congratulations Sweetheart! P.S. She's taking finals this week while fighting the flu (remember the swine flu in Texas?). P.S.S. Those of you who don't know about Texas A&M-it is a very hard school to get into and harder to stay in and even harder to graduate with honors.

Happy Mother's Day to me...again

If you recall or want to go back or don't care, last year I drove over to Hagerstown's Ribbon Outlet and then to Leesburg to the cottage on Saturday, the day before Mother's Day as my gift to myself. I asked the guys to go with me but they didn't want to...just as well I'm sure. I didn't realize that Mother's Day was this Sunday until I heard an advert on the radio on the way over to Leesburg on Wednesday to pick up some leftover things from the show I did with Chick's Picks by Hillary. So I made a side trip to Historic Leesburg to the cottage and low and behold found something to get myself for Mom's Day. Not at all surprising. The above antique bike and attached wagon had my name all over it. Truth be told, this was the original idea I had for the big red bike I put in front of the house. I was going to install it on the knee wall between our breakfast nook and family room but decided that was pushing even me in my decorating oddity. But this was much more "normal". Yes, I got grief but it has long since stopped effecting me. I had to go back on my drive back through to get the nice geraniums they had with them and Nene gave me the alphabet balls last week; I got the cute birdcage at Michael's to display them in.
Here's another view through my fab domino, poker chip, and wire chandelier that I got from Nene a few years ago. I'll admit that there seems to be enough going on in this area now that I can turn my attention elsewhere. Speaking of the cottage...
...while I was there, co-proprietress, Linda, told me that their shop was highlight in-eight pages-of the June issue of Romantic Homes. Now if it's been a while since you picked up an issue of RH it has morphed into a grand inspiring magazine. It has almost taken the hurt off of ME's Home Companion shutting down, and, it comes out every month! I hope I don't get in copyright trouble for this; I'd like to think this will make y'all all run out for your own copy instead of just seeing it here. It's so much better in person and, what's even better, is the shop in person. Grown up lady (age wise, obviously not mentally) candy store. Here are the photos and write up; it's so exciting to see friends so worthy get what they deserve.
Congrats, Linda and Ann for the recognition you deserve; we in this area are so lucky to have you close by and know you two such sweet and talented ladies.
P.S. The drive from anywhere is beautiful and Historic Leesburg is a great treat up there with Carmel, Salado, etc.