Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fun and game in The Yard

One of the best, if not THE best, part of living so close to Baltimore is Camden Yards home of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.Hubby was born and raised in New York City so he's been a Yankee fan his whole life. Since I had grown up with the Astros all those years when they were like Michael Jackson and wearing a glove for no apparent reason, I easily moved my loyalty to the Yankees. I had planned before we moved here that I would try to embrace the Orioles then Robbie Alomar spit in the umpire's face and that was it for me. Too much too early in the relationship.
Above is Jeter at bat. So we always try to make it out to "The Yard" when the Yankees are in town. Sad for the Orioles fans in that when the Yanks are in town there are at least twice as many Yankee fans at the stadium as Baltimore fans. It's the only time the games sell out.
I have long wanted a pink NYY cap and, low and behold, they had 'em for sale outside the stadium as we walked in. Yippie!
This was the Orioles last game of the season so there was a grand fireworks show after. The whole night was so into a good-natured back and forth with a loud, funny Orioles fan...drank THREE beers (flashback from Texas)...ate hat...had lot of fun with hubby...fireworks...the winner...not all it's about.

Update On Lucas...He's Like Nailing Jello to the Wall

To clear up the confusion about where Lucas resides, it's College Station, Texas. The pictures further below were from last year in California and the most recent he had sent me until yesterday when he finally sent me this recent photo of him, his girlfriend, Kristen, and her brother, Brandon. Oh boy, this is the first photo he's sent me of her and I'm tickled to finally get a look at her. She just left last week to study for a semester in England. They miss each other terribly but Lucas will go for Christmas and maybe another trip while she's there and hopesully the time will pass quickly and easily. These would be considered newer photos because they are so recent as to be from last year when Lucas was living on the Monterey Peninsula and going to school. Here's one from surfing at Andrew Malera Beach in Big Sur. After a tough bout in San Francisco and a great recovery in Oregon, Lucas decided on Monterey as his landing point for the time being last year. He attended MPC just as I had 30 years earlier! It takes Lucas about 30 seconds to make new friends and with the help of Tasha he quickly fit in with the Big Sur campers and surfers.
It was a perfect follow up to recovery. They did a lot of hiking and camping in Big Sur, he's most comfortable in his skin in this kind of setting and he soaked a lot of it up. He still really misses it living in Texas but he'll be back to Monterey. It took me four tours to get it out of my system, he's only on his third...

It Might Be a Little Safer/Saner to Get Up This Morning?

Yahoooooooo! Finally some good news! Remember to click onto the article image to make it bigger so you can read it. At least some things make a little more sense today, we gotta have these days to get through the previous ones. Mychal Bell released from prison, it's like waking to a dream rather than a nightmare!
But lest we think we can rest our resolve and grow complacent, there always seems to be something needing attending to or to be pondered deeply...