Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mini Baby Shower for Ma Powers and Company Christmas Party!!!

She's like Mary Poppins. When Amy Powers comes around you just know something special is going to happen. Well, knowing that Ma Powers was coming to "the office" on Thursday, on my way home Wednesday night I decided that we'd turn the visit into a mini-baby shower for her. I already had what I wanted to give her, all I had to do was whip up some cup cakes at midnight. I had Martha cup cake papers and oatmeal/chocolate chip cookie dough, so voila, I made cookie cup cakes. I was so ready EXCEPT I didn't check my emails and so didn't know that Deb had decided we'd use the occasion to have a "company Christmas party". We were all over the place with fun! Amy shows in her famous pink coat with one of Beth's (bethsbagz.com) corsages.
The kick-off of the mini-shower (when I think of that term, it makes me think of that pic of her in the bubble bath in Carmel-that was a maxi-shower!!!!).
Beth and Amy petting and studying the little assemblage I made for the nursery.
Have you ever seen anyone so photogenic? Deb's nine-year-old son, Matt, chose this gift for Amy himself...Huck Finn...how perfect?!
Then we step into the company Christmas party mode (where I was completely unprepared in the giving department). Amy starts it off with a fab apron from Deb.
Here's the pincushion Beth made for me...OMG, right? Wow.
Deb and the pincushion that Beth made for her. That's Sassy on top, just like Deb's own furry cat.
Giant, soft, sweet, wonderful snowman that Deb gave to me and Beth and the little bear ornament and ultra-fab packaging from Amy. Coming soon...see the two together in my home decor.
Deb's gift vignette, the pincushion and one of Amy's amazing glittery houses and scenes.
Following a great lunch at Chevy's it was back to reality but with full bellies and hearts so warm we could heat all of Falls Church from there.

News from across the pond

My oldest son, Lucas, left on his 24th birthday, December 14th, to fly to Europe for the first time. His girlfriend, Kristen, is studying a semester in England so he's there to spend a month which will, of course, include Christmas and New Year's. He flew into London where he met up with Kristen then they flew to Amsterdam where these photos were taken. Lucas reports that they spent three full days walking the city so they could see as much as possible from street views. According to his list they saw everything a body should see and more in the way of sites and history. He definitely has the Teer family travel instinct. Lucas said they are back in England now, flew back into John Lennon Airport which he thought was very cool...me too. I'll share as he does...

And the prizes go to...

Well, here is my very enthusiastic assistant picking from the hat of names this morning. Marcie from The Pink Cabbage was picked for the Winter Wish figure and Kari from ArtsyMama won the bird on the box both by Nicol Sayre. Congratulations and thanks to all who participated (I can hear what you're thinking...). There was some very nice sucking up but, as you can see, it doesn't effect fate but is appreciated by those in power. Another way to get these items is to go to www.bayberrycove.com. I personally witnessed the new spring things that came in yesterday from Lori Mitchell and Jennifer Murphy, we were swallowing tongues all over the place!