Tuesday, December 18, 2007

News from across the pond

My oldest son, Lucas, left on his 24th birthday, December 14th, to fly to Europe for the first time. His girlfriend, Kristen, is studying a semester in England so he's there to spend a month which will, of course, include Christmas and New Year's. He flew into London where he met up with Kristen then they flew to Amsterdam where these photos were taken. Lucas reports that they spent three full days walking the city so they could see as much as possible from street views. According to his list they saw everything a body should see and more in the way of sites and history. He definitely has the Teer family travel instinct. Lucas said they are back in England now, flew back into John Lennon Airport which he thought was very cool...me too. I'll share as he does...

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Maija said...

What a wonderful opportunity for your very handsome son!
I'm sorry that you will be missing him this Christmas.