Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It's kinda like that...

...rearranging your sock drawer, experimenting with the part in your hair, watching paint dry, etc. This is why you hadn't heard from me in a while. I'm a finisher. When I start a project I like to start knowing that I won't have too many interruptions before I finish. I like a job done. So, while I've been taking care of Uncle Robbie, I've had to be at home and do small projects. My studio workroom still looks like vandals hit it; it's still too overwhelming. Oh there are plenty of small things I could be doing like cleaning drawers and closets but that's not fun. I'm not looking for Disneyland here but I want to feel that I've accomplished something and making dinner, although a newly found chore, it doesn't exactly float my boat. I've been cleaning away in anticipation of the caregiver coming into my house and seeing the inside of my fridge and potties but still had to do that little something to make my world a little brighter. The truck. I hadn't even decorated my truck properly! I'm so embarrassed. But I put that right today with the right inspiration of having spilled a 32 oz. coke in the console of my truck the other day. I collect acorns and that's where I keep them and they were sticky floating everywhere. I cleaned that truck in and out and made a little what-I-usually-use-as-a-candle holder jar for the acorns, stuck a stick of incense in it and placed it near my Carl Larrson tray and my sweet nest in the cup holder. How fun is that? Well look for yourselves. If you are having any problems with artist block, please let me know and I will think of somewhere you can do something. There are always sneaky places where we can decoupage and add glitter to stay sane. mmm...

I think I said it but I'll make it clearer...

Yes, it's true, I'm going to Santa Fe on Thursday. I've never wanted to go to Santa Fe-no offense-I'm sure it's a great place but y'all know where I like to go when I leave town...Texas or Nebraska...especially this time of the year. But my mother insisted (I mean asked politely) that I meet her in SF for her birthday this year. Of course I can't say no; she depends on these trips to look forward to-that's a healthy thing, we all need that. And she "asked" me months ago before Paul's uncle moved in with us. I know I touched on that subject too but probably didn't go in depth. Robbie, Paul's 82 year old uncle, moved in with us from New York City about a month and a half ago. He's not doing well. We have someone coming in to stay with him while I'm gone (much guilt about being gone) and it seems that it will be better for him and they can do more than I've been able to. That's why you haven't seen much of me here is 'cause I been keeping an eye on Uncle Robbie during the day and so is Paul's dad, Art (91). Paul takes over at night. It's a lot for him. In a not-so-nice joking stress-relieving back and forth last week I told Paul I'd never wanted to visit somewhere so much in my life. But I still haven't mentioned that I'm stopping over in Texas on my way back for a couple of days. The plane makes a stop in Houston. I mean, really, I'm already in Houston, it would be crazy not to stay and see my middle baby in my hometown for, really, a day and a half. Go Southwest; they are sooooo easy to work with-love them. I think being from Texas will allow my mom and me to fit in very easily there. My mom's been there many times so I'm just going where pointed. Apparently it's been confirmed by more than one person that she does indeed know all the places to go. The photo above is of me from the back at the farm leaning on the fence...
...and from the front-same fence...of course you'll get to hear/see all about my trip.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

you DON'T want to miss this...

The Pink Cabbage is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this weekend with CUP CAKES, coffee, and customer appreciation sales. You and your friends will want to be there; it's going to be loads of fun just like our other events. This one is to show our appreciation for our customers' support in making this happen and for the sunny and bright forecast. See you there (well, I won't see you there, I'll be in Santa Fe, but everyone else will see you there)!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Inspiration anyone?

This is one of the many pieces of Tina's art I have and every time I wear it I get many compliments on it. I didn't know Tina until she hosted and became my partner in a Cowgirl Swap. You can see why I say what I do below by seeing what beautiful art she creates.
Usually, when I try one of the publishing challenges or do a swap, I end up wanting to curl into the fetal position feeling so intimidated. Thank you to Paper Relics for the girl image.
I kind of felt that way about this request, a request to put an artist book together for Tina in Texas who was just diagnosed with cancer. But yesterday inspiration struck me. It helps that the color palette is my fave too, but I just kept thinking about Tina and it came to me because it was about her and not me. I wanted it to be light and maybe even funny, but certainly light. And Tina and I have a lot of Texas things in common. In fact, I've never met her but have gotten to know her through this fabulous technology and am blessed to have several of her art pieces. Knowing what I do about her and knowing that's she's going to have this huge challenge are what made these pieces come together. It was certainly easier than if I didn't know her at all but, if by taking my word for it and knowing her circumstances moves you, please consider doing this call for love. I remember what a profound effect it had on Mellie when she had her brain tumor removed and she got all those fabulous items from so many in our art circle; we were all moved to tears by the show of warmth and love. It really does make a difference, but remember to keep praying too!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Please help

A fellow artist needs our help. Go to Paper Cowgirl asap to see what you can do if you are so inclined. Tina Wright of Texas and Paper Cowgirl has just gotten a cancer diagnosis and apparently it's going to be very challenging. Mendy and Lisa are putting together an artist book for Tina titled The Power of Friendship; you can find all the info needed on the website. Otherwise, please keep her and her family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks, Stephanie