Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What's New With Doojies @ The Pink Cabbage?

Oh my, I'm so glad you asked! It seems like I do a lot of small and tiny things so it's fun to have my way with bigger items in between other artistic obsessions. While I was taking Justin to pick his car up (after two weeks and him using my car during that time-whew) over the bridge on the Eastern Shore on Sunday, I went to one of my secret places and found some fun project pieces that I had lots of fun with. Supplemented by PJ's Antiques help, here's what came to be. Above a little vignette already put together for some lucky someone.
I had, and have probably already posted photos of, the desk/table I put together with an antique sewing treadle and window but I just found the perfect chair to pull it together.
Above is a really cool black cabinet. Cool because of the curvy trim at the top and because of the Anthropologie pulls I put on the doors!
This one is hard to put in the shop but it's similar in theme to the one I did for my bedroom (see post from a little while back). I was really lucky to find this fab PINK umbrella (the last one in town, believe me) to top off the whimsy and beauty.
A little lamp I had but morphed with a new shade, cuter than cute.
I just had to "doojie" up the needlepoint pillow. I call it all "work" but we all know better, don't we? Paul keeps waiting for "paycheck" to follow "work". Bueno suerte.

Yesterday, Today, Day Before Yesterday, and I Bet Tomorrow is Just Around The Corner!!!

Here's what seems like yesterday...
...and here's today, or rather, day before yesterday when Matt turned 11. Wow, it goes so fast!
Last year I waited way too late and we had a lame-o party at home so I had to really make up for it this year. Laser tag party, wild and loud, and the kids had a blast.
Here are the cutey kidos...
...and more. His actual birthday was pretty quiet, Pizza Hut, cake at home, and some really cool presents including a pile of goodies from Area 51 from Ms. Julie, a bff fellow Bella, from Roswell. Matt was over the moon.