Friday, March 30, 2007

8 3/4 months, 15 hours, and 21 years...

Happy Birthday Justin!!!!! This is Justin today, literally. I had to hide his car keys from him until he'd let me take his picture (little grouchy in the morning especially when being held hostage). We are tickled pink to have him turn 21, now he can finally chill with his buddies, have a beer and smoke a cigar on the front porch with no worries. We thought we'd get here under the radar until THE PHOENIX NASCAR DEBACLE OF LATE 2006 (4 months before his birthday~don't even get me started on the whole "he coulda gone to war or gotten married but" thing...). We couldn't help it though, busted at a Lynard Skynard concert made momma and daddy so proud, it's just the Texun in us. Below is how momma still sees Justin. And let me tell you, that's still him inside. The guy's got a heart of gold. Buddy, since it's your birthday, I get to embarrass you. I could be doing the whole birth re-enactment right now, so be happy. He works hard and plays hard. His best buddies are still the ones from elementary school but he's also made other good friends along the way. He's loyal, honest, responsible, good with money, but best of all he'll still give Mom a hug and kiss no matter who's around.
Justin, you are a wonderful son and person. Be good, be careful, I love you so, Mom