Friday, August 17, 2007

My Annual Ink

On the heels of Matt's best summer ever this letter shows up in one of our local newspapers, The Baltimore Examiner. While listening to peels of laughter coming from all the kids playing outside in the evening I typed my rebuttal email to the Examiner. I was ripe for the baiting. Oddly, I couldn't get his to line up straight on the scanner, my machine just wouldn't accept his slant! The only challenge was the little note on the "To Add Your Voice" box, "We will consider publishing letters containing fewer than 150 words". It takes me 150 words just to get warmed up, as I'm sure anyone who reads this blog is painfully aware of. I think his is more than 150 words, easily, but I'm not so obsessed that I counted. Really. I wanted to say that I agreed with the uniforms idea very much. Especially when the kids get to middle school but an early start is good for getting used to. I like a level playing field, I have a two page op-ed saved in my computer from last year regarding homework and the uneven playing field it causes to prove it.
I'm hoping I wasn't too upstaged by the facing page's thought-provoking question, below, especially in places such as Darfur and Iraq. These are all copied in actual size...