Saturday, August 9, 2008


Crater Lake
It's like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, awestruck. These photos won't do it justice, you gotta go for yourself. Aaron and I decided to do something alone together for the first time in years. We decided to climb Watchman Overlook. It goes from 7400 to 8056 feet, a mile and a half round trip. Above, it's hard to see but the little cabin where you end up is at the top right.
Aaron showing off the view from 8056 feet. I don't think he realized that we were really going all the way up but I think he felt good that we did, at least I hope so.
Aaron discovers a more civilized way to write your name in the snow on the path up to the Watchman Overlook.
It was hard not to whip out the luge and rip down the mountain; we did it the hard way though-walking.
Here's a close up of the cabin at the top-Watchman Overlook.
The color is unbelievable; it's all rain and snow water, pure and clean.
A person could stay and just look for hours and we did.
It's truly azure, sapphire blue.
Diamond Lake
The closest place to stay outside of Crater Lake is Diamond Lake and we stayed here at Diamond Lake Lodge. It reminded me of Big Sur Lodge and many other state park lodges...I love that.
You can see why it's called Diamond Lake although I haven't done it justice in these photos.
The morning we left to go for our second time around Crater Lake the boys got to play bumper boats and had great fun.
Coos Bay
So the deal with Coos Bay is that north of there are all these giant dunes. We found a place where you can rent three or four wheeler atvs or dune buggies or dune trucks and then you go out onto the dunes yourself. Not being the beachy, sandy girl, I let the guys go without me and they had a great time. That's them in the middle heading out. "But what will you do while we're gone?", they asked. Hummmmm, I managed. It was cool but the sun was warm so I laid out on the wooden bench in front of the place and read and relaxed. As I said, I managed.
Matt and Aaron sand surfing.
This young man highly recommends this place for all your dune dragging needs.
The Lighthouse
Next was the lighthouse with this big old boat and some men fishing for buggers in front of it.
Nice lighthouse, one of our first on the West Coast. We've been to many, many on the East Coast. We've got a thing going about them now.
Down the road was another lighthouse but we got distracted by this beach. We spent a couple of hours here, the boys playing in the water and lots of interesting rocks, seaweed, trees, and fauna for me to study and enjoy.
This is how little Aaron and Matt look on the beach compared to the mountain edging up to the sea.The boys getting into the surf.
The Pool
They have a totally cool swim park in Corvallis. I don't know what other pools they have as this is the only one the family has let us see; I'm sure you can see why. There's a separate part where there are huge inter tubes where you can just float and tan or torture others. Here Aaron and Matt are torturing Lucas' travel buddy, Jovis, chasing him all around. It was a question as to who was wearing who out first. And this huge water slide. To the left is all manner of jungle gyms, climbing equipment, stationary (other than being able to aim at the moms' faces as they come out of the water...I still want to give that kid a wedgie) water guns, water falls, and more fun than a kid can have in one day.
So we made a point of going twice this time which is much lower than who knows how many times the last visit, but staying over 3 hours each time made up for it.


On my "Always in Portland" list includes a trip to Anthropologie. I've been to several in different cities but this one in downtown Portland is my fave. Check out the clock above. We must all acknowledge that I did not buy the clock even though I'm a clock fanatic and this was an ultimate one. Could have been the sheer size and "how would I get it home" or even the $8000 price tag. Still, a little credit is due. I just get so inspired by their creative vignettes.
Giant bowl with potatoes spudding.
Many hanging jars of potatoes and other sproutings.
Initials everywhere but the French rack with items on the bottom was the draw here. Another credit for $3600. Why do I never find these things at garage sales?
Lots 'o hanging light bulbs; a very cool way of recycling burnt out bulbs-I'm on it!
On every one's list of "Landmark to-dos in Portland" includes Buffalo Exchange, above. I've been shopping at those for at least 20 years starting in San Francisco; they have them in a handful of cities including New York. Also on the list is Powell's, below, a gynormous bookstore which takes up three stories of a full block sized building. It's awesome. If you happen to be making your own list it should also include Peet's Coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker but it's a gotta-go-to place for java lovers.
Inside Out
What a fun shop this is; one of many in Corvallis. Caution: some items shown in these pictures may not still be in the shop. The second trip in I started talking to one of the owner who has good friends in Leesburg, VA and was just in the area not too long ago. Small world.
Lots of cool nature-inspired this and that which makes my heart go pitty pat.
Who doesn't like an umbrella inside? It's unAmerican to not love it!
A chandelier of crystals, stone bugs, and lanterns-beautiful especially against the green walls.
Emma Downtown
This is the shop housed in the building below John's (see Decor post) home, Emma Downtown.
And your caught right inside the door, no way out without buying several things.
Eye candy abounds in every corner and in between.
Some items are missing since this photo was taken. No, I won't do a before and after, "find what's missing" challenge here.
But I can say since talking to my mom from back home here in Maryland today that the missing items are on their way via UPS as we peek.
Even the dressing room was a place where you could just close the door and stay for a while.
Lots of good. And more to come...