Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Get 'em while they're hot!

It's been a while since I've really sat down and created something new.  I have some "wish" necklaces I make from time to time when my memory kicks in telling me that they actually sell at the shop, but I haven't made much with new ideas lately (I've been working on overdue projects on our house).  I kinda messed with my "inspiration".  I saw something on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago that was an old skate and wood shoe mold.  When I see things that I really want to be inspired by, on there, I save it in my own little place rather than repin it.  I know, cheesy (or sleazy?). 
So, I had some of the shoe molds and got me some skates and, by the time I had them together, I couldn't find where I'd put the inspiration.  So, while these aren't truly my own invention, the basics were inspired, but the actual embellishing ideas are mine.  Anyway, I like 'em but I'm pretty sure they're a little wacky for our customers out there in far Western Howard County.  We artists know why we do it, it's for us, at least for me, it's for my sanity (the bit left).
And this is just a little fixer-upper.  A dresser piece I painted and embellished.  It's hanging on a birdcage stand in my little space at The Pink Cabbage.  It takes up a lot of the room.  It's new, I gotta git it in there.  There's a journal that's waiting
to be made...just have to remember...