Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Now this is what I call fun...and work.

That last art post I made of the bunnies is a good example of my kind of artist's block. I liked the way the second set of bunnies that I sewed turned out but not the first set and both sets were too much work. Truth be told, I'd have to charge $200 for each one if I was factoring in my hours and they aren't worth that. (I could never factor in my time anyway; I figure my time as therapy!) I was looking for a new project having gotten bored with what I had been doing the last couple of months and needed a change. Then I saw these pieces, raw and unembellished, on Pinterest and facebook being sold by Paper Whimsy where I love to buy supplies. Their website shows some inspiring photos but it didn't take me long to put my own spin them with items that I already had hoarded. They will hit Doojies at The Pink Cabbage this weekend and we will see how they are received. Thanks, as always, for stopping in.