Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ducks in a row, birds are taking flight...

Well just after I was lamenting that I had to keep my nose to the grindstone and get all my ducks in a row, we've decided to take flight for a couple of days. We are headed to Oxford (yes, Oxford, Maryland). Seems that they will be having an early July 4th fireworks show so we're heading out to see what's what and get our fill of crabcakes!!! I shall be taking party pics and posting asap.

Character Constructions and Doojies Collaboration

Well if y'all are just going to continue to barrage me with requests to see the finished piece from the Catherine Moore workshop I attended, all I can do is try to please my public. So here it is. I didn't do too much tweeking after I brought it home but wanted to use real tree branches instead of commercial ones. And I want to have my fave moss and feathers in it. I called it a "collaboration" in the title because it's Catherine's images with with my arrangements. I even used the box that she picked out for me as a special treat to myself. And hey, I spent good money (and by good money I mean money WELL spent!) to get to be in her workshop so I could just be around her and bring home a little piece of "collaboration".

Look away Miz Gilley...Bits and Pieces Swap

Oh my gosh, am I glad I didn't look at the B & P swap group photos on flickr until after I finished? Or not...I started this by telling myself to get out of that f'in fetal position and put my big girl panties on and let it come naturally. Well it did, kind of. This is way more "MacKenzie-Childs-on-acid" than I usually do but all I hope is that Tammy Gilley likes it.

She said she likes fuchsia which, in Doojie's world, means that it must be paired with chartreuse. So that's what I did.

But first I started with my real love and passion which is d-3 collage assemblage using antique figurines and new art papers.

Then I started using some new cool stuff then totally got into using some really great things I've had hanging around that I've never used which I thought was kind of the idea of this, to use BITS AND PIECES left over from other projects And also got into an area where I usually don't go and THE WHOLE THING WAS SO FUN!!!! I love how these swaps challenge us to think outside our own little comfort levels. Thanks so much to Jenny of everyday-is-a-holiday for sponsoring and organizing this!