Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ho hum, was I in the paper again today?

Well not today but last week. I want to be careful because I don't want to abuse their generosity of letting me speak. I remember when I lived in CA that the same guy would write letters to the Monterey Peninsula Herald every time either he or someone else farted. I don't want to get a rep like that but there have been so many things lately that have hit too deep. Plus my hubby hasn't even read this one. It stops getting exciting after a while, well, for everyone else but me. A little cheese with your ham?

Save it for the shrink...

Oh I don't know. I guess I got nostalgic this morning after I placed an order with Junk Gypsy and realized they operate from my home town. I miss that place every second of every day. So I got to lookin' at some of my old photos and this is one that always tickles me. Trudie's Kiddie College in College Station, Texas. "Trudie" was Mrs. Hardaway, on the left who ran the private kindergarten and first grade from her home. The only good memories I have was that she had a wonderful back yard with a super-cool playhouse and toys where she let us play about 30 seconds each day. We all hope she's burning in he...well now that's not very Christian is it? Gawd what a fanny hole she was. My sister went there, too, five years before me. When I was born, Mrs. Hardaway asked Valori to share with the class what she had new at home and she said, "A toy cash register.". I won't take your time to share the specific event of trauma she caused me that made me forever hate school but suffice to say the boy who sat next to me peed his pants almost every day. I think she had a swastika tattooed on her you-know-what. Any question about why I drank so much beer at the Dixie Chicken in high school? Didn't think so.