Thursday, January 29, 2009

One World-One Heart Giveaway!!!

This post is closed to any further entries. Thanks to all who have left sweet comments and participated in this wonderful project. I will be picking the lucky winner later today and shall notify that person a.s.a.p. How did I get to this? Oh, I remember, I was checking out Mind Wide Open blog and saw the button and went there and ended up at One World-One Heart -oh boy! There are something like 900+ from around the world participating this year.
I'd been having so much fun making necklaces, and this turned out to be my favorite, so I decided to put this one out for the giveaway. It's an antique miniature serving tray that was for teapot salt and pepper shakers then I added an antique sailor's Valentine broach made from seashells embellished with a shiny bling and leaf. The "pearl" necklace hooks right onto scrolls on the tray as does the compass in an antique hardware doodad. I hope others like it as much as I do. To enter this and the other giveaways, simply leave a comment here and don't miss your chance at all the giveaway goodies by clicking on the button on the right or the link above and leave a comment on the other blogs as well.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shout out to Mellie!!!!!

Mellie made a very small mention on her blog of being published so I'm doing for her what I'm completely comfortable doing for myself-shouting it out from the mountain tops! Above is the photo in the book of her contribution. How fab is that? The cool shoes on the dresser, I so heart it.
This is the book that her art is in...
...another page of inspiration in the book...
...pic of the credits page and a close up below with her name.
Oops, I was just thinking that maybe she was keeping it legal by not copying this stuff...oh well...someone needs to show this off. Now go to Amazon and buy it.

Happy Birthday Art!!!!!

Last Saturday was Paul's dad, Art's, 90th birthday. We hadn't had a big to-do since his 80th so it was time to celebrate another milestone.Art is hiding behind Matt in the photo; he hid a lot at photo time but he had a great time, as did all, and held court in many different groups. These are all the cousins who came from New York (the whole family current back to way before Art were born and raised in Manhattan) helping us sing over the cake. Art was really in his element. He's so hail and hearty, we should all be so healthy!
Most in attendance were from Paul's grad school, Penn State, where many of Paul's friends embraced Art as a good friend after Paul left Penn State for California. Above are Gynnis and Glenda, friends since grad school.Convoing with Art here are Michael, our great neighbor friend, Donald, Art's nephew, and Gus, another great neighbor friend.
Chui and Chi Dong, also from grad school, flew in from Florida for the day. How sweet is that? They were true blue friends to Art after Paul left and, as you can see, they still are.
More Penn Staters catching up, in the small world of Meteorology.
More science bonding. It was fun to get all these folks together for such a great occasion.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inauguration Day-Surreal Adventure

The night before we drove into Silver Spring and spent the night at Paul's office. Not showing here was that Matt and I shared this LOVE SEAT. To say the least, not much sleep was had that night and up at 5 a.m. on The Big Day.
Paul and Matt on the metro subway at dark-thirty.
And while the Metro was packed it was a very jovial, friendly, happy crowd. So many folks from so many different places; everyone was sharing their stories and happiness.
Hard to see but this is what wall to wall underground looks like...not for the claustrophobic...but I managed by focusing on the reason for the trip.
These two friends were too much fun to miss capturing them on camera; they loved entertaining as much as we loved watching them. Every person was a friend that day. There was just nothing but the feeling of peace, joy, hopefulness, and happiness. The testimony for that is that there was not one single arrest during this event which was estimated at almost 2,000,000 people and in Washington D.C., the crime capital of the U.S., no less. I heard that there were a few kids who got lost from their families but that everyone was returned safely. Also the National Guard and other military officers did a great job, very helpful, friendly, and upbeat-it wasn't exactly Bagdad but it couldn't have been an easy job either and they did it with much grace and dignity-befitting of the event-as if we were all invited guests which we were and, as it turned out, all socially graced.Yep, we were there before daylight and it was a good thing.
Walking around until we could get into the building where we were invited, we found where they had the floats waiting for the parade-here are Matt and I standing in front of the...well you see.
Now this one says USO but I'm pretty sure it was made for me. Unfortunately I didn't have my pretty, pretty princess dress with me so I didn't push the issue about riding in it.
This sign caught my eye and just added to the uplifting feelings of the day.Here's where we were; you can see where we are in relation to the capital building.
But we had plenty of binoculars, telescopes, and, of course, big screen t.v.'s to see it any way we wanted to. I took this while our new president was actually taking oath (or so we thought at the time). And, yes Julia, I did cry. Not boo hoo, but I was certainly moved by the moment and the whole atmosphere of the event...there was a Kleenex involved however.
There was quite a bit of jeering from the crowd when the heli lifted W. off to Tejas...
...and flew by the window. Lots of, "Good riddance to...", stuff. Not that I'm sorry to see him go other than I can no longer tout that I know the president, but he still has to live with himself and we don't, so let him go. All's I got left is kissing Clint Eastwood on the lips...well at least that one will never fly off in a heli. So many wondered how I got the ultra conservative to go with me, the rabid liberal socialist, to the inauguration-hey, he may be dumb but he's not so stupid as to pass up this "godfather" proposition! P.S. Friend and neighbor, Michael, said that the concert last Sunday on the mall was wonderful. I just watched it on HBO; they are showing it now under the title of We Are One and I highly recommend it, amazing artists including Stevie! It really shows the general feeling of how our hearts are renewed with hope for our nation. I am once again, after many years of not, proud to be an American.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Life is good even on a roller coaster

I scared poor Matt yesterday when I opened an email inviting us to see the inauguration from a building directly 1000 yards in front of the podium in front of the capital building as I started to cry. It's not just Texas that can make me cry, it's the dream-come-true, like a visit to Texas, that makes me cry. The special, heart-felt, even small unimagined things in life.This is more than a dream come true, it's beyond my imagination as we have been invited to attend a brunch on the eighth floor of a corporate building facing the capital-yes, INSIDE. We had been making lists of what we needed...long underwear, bullet-proof vests, hand warmers, etc. Now we are going in style but still have to tackle the metro subway, oy. This is just one view, we can go on the roof and see the whole parade, via binoculars, but still, and view from somewhere else. I'm soooooooooooo happy with this. We were going, come whatever but I never expected this. These wonderful surprises are what make getting through the tough times worth it. Ya, I will be post-posting! And this comes on the tail end of what had been a bit of a bummer for me last weekend. Not a brain tumor and not leukemia (as Julia so rightfully says) but in the small scheme of things, a bummer. I'm so proud to be a Texan (I know-shocking revelation, right?) and to drive a true Texan's vehicle, a global warmer, 4 door full size, V-8 Toyota Tundra (okay, it's Japanese but only by heritage, it was made in the U.S. of A.) and am totally at ease with it as my first vehicle and several have been pickups. So when I sideswiped a car last weekend pulling into a parking space I felt my Texas pride get zinged plus I was just bummed that I hit some one's car. So when you pick a car to sideswipe, what do you think of? I think of the car below...a 1987 Ford Escort. But, of course, in reality when it happens, it's a... ...brand new Mercedes!!!! Of course. Matt and I were out looking for dishwashers no less and so we had the guy at the front of the store do a page and we stayed out in the parking lot for a while and no one returned so we left a note. The woman called that evening and she was no happier than me. My bumper got scratched some but a couple of small places are to the metal so I'll have to have some of Jusin's ex-co-workers take care of it. I knew at the time it wasn't a life-altering event but it's not like me to go around playing bumper cars so it just surprised me in a not too good way. But...and here's the will-she-ever-make-a-freaking-point point...a couple of days later here comes this email that I get this unimagined opportunity to see history in the making and aside from the historical aspects it's just a fabulous, wonderful, hopeful change made by a guy that seems so human as to be just like you and me and wants to make the world a better place for his and our children. Tundras and Mercedes come and go but this...this is life-altering.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Voila! Before and Afters

With my father-in-law's 90th birthday approaching and friends and family coming in from all around, I've been feeling a little self conscientious about the house, most especially Paul's'll see why in a moment. Now there wasn't anything wrong with my powder room, it was a pretty color of dark putty if not a little dark. But ever since I was at Julia's house a couple of weeks ago and saw her fab bathroom with its fab paint job, I've been wanting to try the technique which she told me was easy. So after receiving very slow, simple instructions from her via email, I went after it. What I didn't read between the lines when she said it's simple and easy was that she'd left out the "F" word-fun. It should have read, "It's easy and simple but it's no f***ing fun". I love to paint but this was quite a challenge. By the time I was finished I was happy, at first just because I was finished, but then I was happy with the results. You can decide for yourself below... many times have I posted photos of my smoking baby head? You win a book of matches if you can tell me.
I know it's not politically correct to show a toilet but I have to. Above the toitie are a couple of souvenirs from Oella Mill before it was gutted which make them sentimentally fun for me. The other reason is to show off my black and white striped toilet seat; got it at Uncle Bobby's garage sale years ago for $1. I have to check Nene and Mellie's bags every time they leave as they both threaten to steal it. There's going to be some kind of court battle when I'm gone for this one.
Just a wall pic to give you an idea of how the treatment looks. I've always wanted that Chocolat know...the movie. Love the movie, LOVE J.D., but also love the way her bakery looks which this kinda turned out like. I used the same robin's egg blue that I have in other rooms and, on top of the putty, it really has that naturally worn look.
This was the project that had to be. When we built the house 12 years ago we made the mistake of going along with the plan of having carpet in the family room and what was supposed to be the formal living room but we've always used it as Paul's study. After his last cat died we had to have the carpet taken out of and wood put in the family room as she "used" the hell out of it in her last days. By that time we had figured out that carpet is gross. The last room downstairs with carpet was Paul's study. Now my dog has "used" the hell out of the carpet for every bodily function imaginable plus, as shown above, she had scratched a big area all the way to the sub floor.
Here's the perp...see she can't even look at me she's so ashamed. As if to bring the point home to the floor salesman-CAUTION: MAY BE TOO GROSS FOR SOME-she threw up cat shit on his floor sample. He could already clearly see the stains and the hole but she just had to prove that she was the one responsible. That was a special time for me.
But look what we have now!! Wood! Beautiful, low-maintenance wood. Paul's not seen it yet as he's been out of town all week...yes, I like to have all the to myself.
It's almost as if normal folks live here and not a bunch of hokies with goats running around inside. Paul has the "fanciest" room, I guess the most formal, since all his furniture is new and picked out all at once as opposed to my style of curbside re-do's and hodge podge and smoking baby doll heads. He's more grown up.
But I added my little quirky touches like the photo of his grandparents with his grandfather's wallet next to the silver tray with cordial glasses and Sambuco.
Last, but not least, since the swap Christmas tree came down I've got my swap treats spread all around in fun places, lots I'm wearing (even some you're not really supposed to wear). Here are some hanging on the "flowers" and perched on the shelf. And below are some gathered.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Must See JustAskDoug From YouTube

For your best viewing experience pause the music playlist on lower right then pause the video until it fully loads then hit play to view vidie-enjoy!!!! If you love it like I do go to JustAskDoug on YouTube and leave pleasant comments-thanks!

What tha...?

Last night we attended a post-Christmas, Get Even With Santa, party where I knew no one. It turned out to be a blast. Kathy and Dave are fabulous hosts; fun, food, drink, gifts; they had it all. I was lucky enough to pick the number 2 for gift picking and I was even more lucky to have picked the above, apparently a gift that has been seen at Kathy and Dave's annual party for the last several years. Of course I was the only person there who wanted to keep it. When I say keep it I mean I'll not be taking to the party next year either. In case it's hard to tell, it's plastic monkeys, one having a baby the other the doctor mounted on a wood piece with plastic doctor's equipment. There's even a baby that's coming out. Need I say more? It's sooooo me.
When the openings were over, some 50, the number 1, 2, and 3 people get to decided whether or not to keep their gifts or trade with any others. I stuck with my monkeys. Then they did something I've never done before and voted on who was the best sport about what they got "stuck" with as a gift. I got the most votes so I got the additional gift above. Nice red bag, nice 2008 ornament, and nice repro framed vintage card. Inside:
A bottle of Hope. I guess if I drank it all I'd feel hope but when it wore off, since it turned out to be wine and I can't drink wine, I feel well...not at all hopeful. Still a very cool bottle and a totally cool monkey...umm...still don't have a good noun for it...thing. Don't even think about making an offer, it's priceless.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Updates on The Pink Cabbage

Please check out what's new at The Pink Cabbage at . We have literally turned the place upside down. Better yet, come on in and see it for yourself.

Meet Sofie and JustAskDoug

Voila, here's Sofie, Kristen's bff sitting with Justin New Year's Eve in Austin. She's the reason for the trip there and what a great reason. She was gracious enough to take us all in including the three dogs we brought with us and all the kids were gracious enough to take Mom along with all their fun friends to play that night and then down to The Drag New Year's morning for breakfast. As beautiful inside as out, wow, just like Justin...what a coincidence! They are just (Lucas) and bff (Kristen) are the couple.
When we left Austin we stopped in Salado to meet (well, they all knew each other, I was meeting) Sofie's dad, Doug, and step-mom, Carol. Now I had already experienced Doug and Carol through YouTube and was a huge fan of them and their creation of JustAskDoug. If you don't click on there and give them a try you are sorely missing out; they are hilarious in their dry, droll vacation just gotta watch them!
Doug makes his living as a dentist and Carol sang opera in New York. Small world: Carol knows the opera singer who used to live two doors down from us, but you can imagine how small the opera world is, not many make it that high. Doug wanted me to make sure that the dead plant was in the picture-you MUST see their vidies to see why. Leaving comments on their YouTube site is most appreciated also. Yet another fabulous experience while I was there-Sofie, Doug, and Carol.