Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Voila! Before and Afters

With my father-in-law's 90th birthday approaching and friends and family coming in from all around, I've been feeling a little self conscientious about the house, most especially Paul's'll see why in a moment. Now there wasn't anything wrong with my powder room, it was a pretty color of dark putty if not a little dark. But ever since I was at Julia's house a couple of weeks ago and saw her fab bathroom with its fab paint job, I've been wanting to try the technique which she told me was easy. So after receiving very slow, simple instructions from her via email, I went after it. What I didn't read between the lines when she said it's simple and easy was that she'd left out the "F" word-fun. It should have read, "It's easy and simple but it's no f***ing fun". I love to paint but this was quite a challenge. By the time I was finished I was happy, at first just because I was finished, but then I was happy with the results. You can decide for yourself below... many times have I posted photos of my smoking baby head? You win a book of matches if you can tell me.
I know it's not politically correct to show a toilet but I have to. Above the toitie are a couple of souvenirs from Oella Mill before it was gutted which make them sentimentally fun for me. The other reason is to show off my black and white striped toilet seat; got it at Uncle Bobby's garage sale years ago for $1. I have to check Nene and Mellie's bags every time they leave as they both threaten to steal it. There's going to be some kind of court battle when I'm gone for this one.
Just a wall pic to give you an idea of how the treatment looks. I've always wanted that Chocolat know...the movie. Love the movie, LOVE J.D., but also love the way her bakery looks which this kinda turned out like. I used the same robin's egg blue that I have in other rooms and, on top of the putty, it really has that naturally worn look.
This was the project that had to be. When we built the house 12 years ago we made the mistake of going along with the plan of having carpet in the family room and what was supposed to be the formal living room but we've always used it as Paul's study. After his last cat died we had to have the carpet taken out of and wood put in the family room as she "used" the hell out of it in her last days. By that time we had figured out that carpet is gross. The last room downstairs with carpet was Paul's study. Now my dog has "used" the hell out of the carpet for every bodily function imaginable plus, as shown above, she had scratched a big area all the way to the sub floor.
Here's the perp...see she can't even look at me she's so ashamed. As if to bring the point home to the floor salesman-CAUTION: MAY BE TOO GROSS FOR SOME-she threw up cat shit on his floor sample. He could already clearly see the stains and the hole but she just had to prove that she was the one responsible. That was a special time for me.
But look what we have now!! Wood! Beautiful, low-maintenance wood. Paul's not seen it yet as he's been out of town all week...yes, I like to have all the to myself.
It's almost as if normal folks live here and not a bunch of hokies with goats running around inside. Paul has the "fanciest" room, I guess the most formal, since all his furniture is new and picked out all at once as opposed to my style of curbside re-do's and hodge podge and smoking baby doll heads. He's more grown up.
But I added my little quirky touches like the photo of his grandparents with his grandfather's wallet next to the silver tray with cordial glasses and Sambuco.
Last, but not least, since the swap Christmas tree came down I've got my swap treats spread all around in fun places, lots I'm wearing (even some you're not really supposed to wear). Here are some hanging on the "flowers" and perched on the shelf. And below are some gathered.


Maija said...

I love how it turned out Steph! And your hubby should love the new floor- it looks so rich. I have that doggie/cat shit type of carpet too. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats!

Kim Caldwell said...

Loving the toilet seat cover! Just so quirky and perfect. . .

Julia said...

It turned out great....forgot to tell you it's a "f"ing mess to do...hahahaha.

When do you sleep?

xoxo, Julia

Doojies said...

The guys think it looks like I rubbed shit into the walls as if that would have any influence on me! It just goes along with the other stuff they call "shabby shit". Hee hee.

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the paint technique and your smoking doll head is hilarious!Happy 90th to your F.I.L !


Linda said...

I don't remember seeing the smoking doll before at all. My kids will keel over if I put a cigarette in my doll head's mouth. OMG. I think I'm gonna do it anyway. I can say I'm channeling their grandmother. My kids hate my doll head. My FIL will be 90 on the 28th and we are having a dinner...but not here...thank gawd.

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