Sunday, January 11, 2009

Must See JustAskDoug From YouTube

For your best viewing experience pause the music playlist on lower right then pause the video until it fully loads then hit play to view vidie-enjoy!!!! If you love it like I do go to JustAskDoug on YouTube and leave pleasant comments-thanks!


Maya Perez said...

What's the deal with the one with the big ship? It made me laugh really hard. Was that supposed to be funny....I hope so.

Doojies said...

Sweetie Maya, You so have it! They are all supposed to be funny and make us laugh really hard but we aren't really supposed to know why-that's what makes them so great. P.S. It was the last voyage and docking of the QE-2. I'd like a two page paper on my desk Monday on this subject (then we'll both know). All my love, Kissy