Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I clicked together my ruby red slippers then...

When I called my mom from Omaha to let her know I'd gotten there safely she was so sweet and said how proud she was of me for having the gumption to just pack up my truck and drive all that way by myself. She said not many women would do that alone and she was impressed. Then blah, blah, blah...all of which you will read in detail and see fab photos of but not until I've at least unpacked my truck...all the fun and wonderful details of almost two weeks in Nebraska.
When I left Omaha on Sunday I didn't leave until noon. I usually get up and going by dark-thirty but we'd stayed up 'til the early morning hours and the mid morning hours the nights before so I slept in a bit and took time for proper good-byes. So by the time 8 p.m. rolled around I'd had it. I was just east of Peoria which was not near enough to half way but I could go no farther. I called home and then my mom and she (being the map/driving/travel expert) told me she thought I should not try to finish my drive on Monday; to take two more days. I told her I would be careful and not push myself beyond my limits. Sooooooooooo, I drove 900 miles yesterday!!!! I left Peoria at 7 a.m. and got home at 11 p.m.. Paul said my mom had called a few times (it's 3 hours earlier in Oregon) so I called to tell her I was home. All she said was, "You were reckless and irresponsible. I'm glad you're home safe and I love you. Good-bye.". So much for proud. She was right though, it was mostly "postal" all day, rain, hail, sleet, and snow (wintery mix as pros such as hubby calls it), and by the time I got to West Virginia it had been dark enough and gotten cold enough that it was icy and I was nervous. It was a very intense day and, obviously, long. I can't get too carried away on this post as I have so much to share from the last two weeks I don't want to wear you out before the real fun begins...but...Paul gave me the c.d. of Atonement for my birthday. I put it in when I left Omaha and it ended within 15 minutes of me arriving home! Okay, it may just be me, but I hadn't even looked at the time frame on the box before I started it but it got me through two days of driving almost exactly within 15 minutes! Did I mention it was fabulous? I can't wait to see the movie now; you know how books are so much more detailed but fun to imagine and then see how different the actors are from how I imagined the characters? Highly recommend. I don't know when but I'll get to all this a.s.a.p. I work at the shop on Thursday and Friday so those will probably be cropping days then posting can ensue after but please check back soon.