Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bad Monday Came, Big Girl Panties Stayed On (dry, clean), A Plethora of Good News!!!!

When they told me at the 11th hour that I couldn't have my little Wally removed 'cause something had shown up on an EKG 18 months ago and that I had to have the BIG BAD THALLIUM STRESS TEST WHERE THEY INJECT RADIOACTIVE CHEMICALS THROUGH AN I.V., I thought, "woe is me". Actually I talked bad about a whole lot of mothers then I said, "holy shit, this going to be worse than the surgery 'cause I'll be AWAKE WITH AN I.V. for several hours". For those of you who don't know me, I have an honest-to-goodness, true-blue needle phobia. Then my kind G.P. gave me an RX for my new friend, Atta Van, and having it allowed me to put on my big girl panties (under the bathing suit below) and climb up the ladder to face that high dive of life's challenges.
Next I took "momma's little helper" with a little water (two helpers, actually). Paul was also a great helper, he's seen this enough from me to know how to "handle" me. The nurse was soooooooooooo nice and compassionate which makes all the difference in the world, plus I was a little out of it, also helpful.
Two and a half hours later the doctor declared me "normal" for me, nothing wrong with the old ticker (if only my shrinks could get together for a similar declaration). He prescribed a week in Las Vegas as the perfect cure for the trauma of the stress test (they call it that for several good reasons).
Yippie!! I was very happy mostly that it was over with but the cherry on top was the good bill of health.
So now I'm free to get back to my regular lifestyle, it's business as usual, I couldn't find a photo of a sugar cookie dough roll but I snagged these favorites...
Okay, so next up is STILL THE SURGERY ON AUGUST 20th to look forward to plus the pre-op blood work I so courageously got done will be over 30 days old by then so I have to have that done again. So, until then, we've been in Lost Wages for two days and I still haven't caught up to posting those exciting pictures. Don't change that channel, I promise to start posting and catching up soon! Thanks for tuning in...

Cheerio good friends from across the pond!

I am the master of distraction, am I not? Monday was going to be my "BIG BAD TEST" so I had scheduled all kinds of fun for the days leading up to it. Thursday was Mellie's birthday party, Friday was Nene and I shopping and then I was off to Chantilly for the BIG NIGHT OUT with the usual suspects, Saturday was...ummm...swimming, Sunday, though was a big even that was not designed by me but was Divine timing. Friends Tammy, David, Jason, and Jessica who moved to England last year came for a visit to The States and their first stop was Maryland to see Tammy's "adopted" family, April, Jerome, Mercedes, Brook, Frank, and Merrietta.
Matt and I drove up north of Baltimore to get into some beer and barbecue with the gang and had a grand time catching up. It was non-stop chatting. And so great to see everyone! April and Tammy, soul sisters. It's so hard for them to be apart but so good to see them together at least for a short time. Thanks so much for including us, guys, we love you all!