Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Narrative to come...

During Part 2

Narrative to come...

During-How Fun is This?

I did some research before I left for Texas and discovered that I'd be driving right by the exit where Julia, a.k.a. Miz. Juney, works. So I programed my garmin as soon as I got into the rental car and off I went. Right after I made my first stop, What-A-Burger (dur), I surprised her. She had just stepped out of the store for some fresh air and voila! I'd been reading about the store and Julia had actually taken me to the first Magpie's over 25 years ago and now she's working at their newest location-Cypress.

I was raised right and knew to be polite and buy some great stuff while I was there as a compliment to all. It's also quite patriotic; helping the economy. What a great place and so fun to get a short visit with a wonderful bff.

What is a visit without some goofiness? We were mimicking the woman in the picture behind us. Guess whose idea that was? Check Miz Juney's blog.


I took these photos before I left for Texas and I've been needing to do some major rearranging for a while. Sooooo, as soon as I have a couple of minutes I'm going to rehab my look. Just wanted to show these before then. There's still a lot to do in the meantime...coming up.