Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New shtuff at the Pink Cabbage

Boy have I been busy the last few days! I worked at the Pink Cabbage Saturday and part of Sunday and we were so busy and made so many sales I thought I'd better get moving on my "to do" projects and get 'em in there. Here are just some of the fruits of my labor: Anyone out there 50 or so? Remember these little school desk chairs?
Crazy Aunt Esther is all dolled up and ready for adoption for some lucky family.
Another "inanimate" object dressed up, Mr. Bottle.
Making lamps is one of my favorite things to do, here we have an antique Sunbeam mix master lamp...every kitchen needs one.
A WHITE vanity, are you kidding me? I know that neutral colors sell better but I can't help myself.
What I like to think of as my "signature" artwork, antique figurines incorporated...well...with anything.
And, just in case a mix master lamp is not strange enough, here we have doll beds and heads. There's more but you'll have to make the trip to see the rest...


You may have noticed that I like attention. Just having a blog is a bit of a tip-off. I'm a public attention hound, not to the point of being the star of Cops...yet. I happened to be at the Historic Ellicott City Show House on a consultant basis last Friday when the chairwoman received a call saying that they needed more phone answerers for Sunday's Baltimore PBS money begging. Of course I jumped. Our three hours were as representatives of Historic Ellicott City benevolently giving our time to help our local public t.v. Here I am posing but ready to go for a real call. Shameless as always, I ran into the studio to get the best seat, front center. I then quickly figured out that the camera panned to those who were actively on the phone so every time we were live I picked up my phone and acted as though I was taking a call. We had been "lured in" by being told that we would be on from 4-7 p.m. Well that's when the portion of the programming was on. Durrrrrr, most of the time the PROGRAM IS SHOWING. So we were on in four segments during our last hour so I HAD to make up for lost time. Paul recorded all 3 hours and, with a short rewind, we got to see all my hammage. It did work, I got most of the face time during the segments but still have not had to screen any agent calls.
Here's our group from HEC, fortunately a fun group and very tolerant of those trying to jump-start a late modelling/acting career.
Me with part of the group. Can you say cheese?