Monday, March 2, 2009

Breaking News...Maryland Woman Diagnosed with New Syndrome...Film at 11

New syndrome-yikes! It's PTCWFS or Post Traumatic Casper Wyoming Flashback Syndrome. I'm not trying to trivialize folks in and from wars or folks in Fargo, ND, but I felt this real flashback today when I woke up to 9" new inches of snow and 20-30 mph winds. Okay, I know that I've said that if all I have to complain about is the snow, I am very blessed and it is so true. But I do have some real pathologies that I deal with day to day and this weather has been bugging me and I've been complaining the last couple of weeks and karma bit me in the butt for it today. Perspective? It's not six months out of the year, it's already over, it's probably only going to get better.
I've been making and making and making more in preparation for, hopefully, the DC Big Flea this weekend. I didn't send in my paperwork until last week so have not heard definitely either way back from them. I'm guessing that I'll get in, I certainly hope so because I've "worked" so hard already.
Enough talk of the 9" and counting (it's snowing very heavy right now) I'm distracting myself with t.v., redecorating, and making art. Above is an example of making and redecorating. I got the frame, little shelf, and little frame I have to say it?...The Pink Cabbage. The frame was already the perfect color but I unashamedly painted the gold leaf frame and little shelf a bright fuscia (couldn't get the color exact on here), popped all three on the wall and added the trophy, dressed up, that Nene gave me for Christmas and a large bees keep pin I've had for a while. Voila! I was perked up and so is my bathroom.
And, flipping around the channels, I came across this movie, How to Make An American Quilt. I was instantly, completely taken in by it; it's a fabulous movie. I realized pretty quickly that I'd read the book many years ago but didn't know there was a movie. See it if you can whatever the weather where you are; it's moving, funny, entertaining, and uplifting and not fluffy. However, I would have totally gone with the beautiful guy in the pickup with the strawberries-yowzer!-but that's just me...
Guess where I want to be right now? Hint-it's not Fargo. Exactly a month from today we'll be THERE-yahoooooo!