Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Am I on a roll or a donut?

I don't blog for a week and then I guess I just make up for it. I am a batch worker, so today must be blog day (except for the cleaning, laundry, swimming pool for 3 hours!). Since I was snapping some new items for Etsy and my souvenirs I took these two too. I decided to put all my nature girls together in my dining room. My Character Constructions Collaboration, my fab Beth Quinn Fairy Jar Swap jar, and my sweet, sweet Little Melfie's seashore girl and shell collage.
And I'm finally getting around to my eBay/Etsy/Silver Bella/supposed to be my office/out of sight out of mind room. I recently purchased this wonderful antique judge print from PJ's Antiques and unearthed it yesterday to place along with a handmade finial shelf my friend, Dan, made plus a beeeutiful antique porcelain pink flower night light that sits on its own rusty base, plus a cool antique barometer that Nene gave me. This new little vignette is in my bedroom on my side where I can gaze at it and it makes me feel oh so perky when I've been grumpy. No roses to smell, well make some dadgumit!!!

Souvenirs from Oxford and such

Just wanted to share some of the souvenirs I got on our little trip to Oxford and St. Michaels. Matt and I always like to bring back natural souvenirs without disturbing the balance of nature as much as possible. Here's a cute little jar, vase? that I got from Coco and Company where I placed our goodies; sea shells, sea wood, pine cones, and sea glass. To top it off I added a tag with the where and when info and our room key which I'm sure the inn wanted us to have (even though they kept asking us if we'd turned all the keys in). You can see better from this picture what a fun funky shape this jar, vase? has to it and why it was on the "must have" hit list. It's an upside down cloche shape mounted on a pedestal and is a pretty sea green. I sneakily drove this time so I could stop at the antiques store where the kind owner allowed me to use his restroom last year. I had been threatened not to look around that time but was determined to have a nice, long look this time. I found this fab lamp with a clock in the base. The lamp works fine but I still have to tinker with the clock. If you know me you'll know that I'm happy if a clock time is right just twice a day! Just my luck, the tiny typewriter I had spied there last year was still there. It's just about 8" x 8" and fits in very nicely with my typewriter collection. I have three others in the room, one was Paul's grandfather's, one was my grandfather's, now the other two are "just 'cause". I also hit pay dirt at the shop snagging many antique figurines for great prices for my little collages-yippie!!!

And here's why coming home is good too...

As I said, we felt as though we had been gone so much longer than we had because we got to have so much fun and relax too. It was just a weekend getaway but very refreshing. I'm a real homebody so I'm usually ready to come home after a time anyway but what a treat I was met with when we returned! In the mail was the Bits and Pieces Swap piece that Mizt (Tammy Gilley, sorry Tammy, I have to give everyone my own nickname) made for me. I cannot do this justice but I think you can get the general idea of HOW FAB THIS IS!!!!!! Pink, I mean it's pink and it's spectacular and wonderful and inspiring. It's every wonderful thing! Thank you so much, Tammy, and to Jen for making this happen. Here you see it in its new home, yes superglued, Mellie. I'm lucky!!!!!