Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Am I on a roll or a donut?

I don't blog for a week and then I guess I just make up for it. I am a batch worker, so today must be blog day (except for the cleaning, laundry, swimming pool for 3 hours!). Since I was snapping some new items for Etsy and my souvenirs I took these two too. I decided to put all my nature girls together in my dining room. My Character Constructions Collaboration, my fab Beth Quinn Fairy Jar Swap jar, and my sweet, sweet Little Melfie's seashore girl and shell collage.
And I'm finally getting around to my eBay/Etsy/Silver Bella/supposed to be my office/out of sight out of mind room. I recently purchased this wonderful antique judge print from PJ's Antiques and unearthed it yesterday to place along with a handmade finial shelf my friend, Dan, made plus a beeeutiful antique porcelain pink flower night light that sits on its own rusty base, plus a cool antique barometer that Nene gave me. This new little vignette is in my bedroom on my side where I can gaze at it and it makes me feel oh so perky when I've been grumpy. No roses to smell, well make some dadgumit!!!

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Your vignettes make my head spin... Thanks for including my little piece in such wonderful work!! Oh, and that shelf from Dan!!! Lovely!!! You've got such a touch, my friend (no, I didn't call you touched!)!!!! xo-Mellie