Friday, July 13, 2007

dodged one bullet but get two kicks in the head...

Well, I was supposed to have my surgery yesterday. I was so prepared for it, had my big girl panties on for two weeks (pee-ewe), but a problem reared it's ugly head at the very last minute and that problem is something that showed up on an echogram I had 18 months ago. I have a little valve issue that I've know about for 25 years but since it was in my records from the echo and I hadn't done any follow-up tests they wouldn't do the surgery. They all ran in the other direction which usually on my copy of the script. So I get to worry a little about the heart thing and then, if all goes well, I still get to have yesterday's surgery which I would have already had done by this time today. Can you tell I'm still feeling sorry for myself? You shoulda heard how many mothers I offended when they said the final no! Growing older is not for sissies, as they say. I'll be positive here and say I love almost everything else about being almost 50, truly I feel like my best self yet, but there are a few more nodules and such that go with it. Still I am so blessed and I pray that you are too.

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