Friday, July 13, 2007

Lest you think I've had nothing going on...

Well I have to admit that because I thought I'd be having surgery yesterday I'd been on a huge tangent the last couple of weeks tackling big projects that I had procrastinated on for a while. Not that I was "getting my life in order", at least I was trying not to think of it that way. I told myself these would be things that would bug me while I was sequestered in bed for a few days. Sooooo, these are the days I was supposed to be recuperating and so I've been a little at loose ends. This is a picture of the "big event" of today. I put together this little cutie. I found the antique cup and saucer at Emporium Antiques last week (paying rent in person is very expensive). I had to have it and it was even under "had to have" reason. Then thinking where he'd like best to live in this well-edited (ha!) home, I decided on the window sill of the kitchen where there's a lot of green. That's where one of Hope's (Paper Relics) cards had been residing. It was love at first sight and they moved in together. Tomorrow the guys are all going fishing ALL DAY LONG and possibly the night so I am planning a full day in my work room match-making other pieces who will travel with me to Silver Bella for vendor night. I have to have a big, uninterrupted span of time before I like to work and, since school let out, I haven't had much of that kind of time with swimming lessons, etc. So I CAN'T WAIT. I've been a little antsy awaiting this creative time. Oh boy!

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