Wednesday, June 18, 2008

...and they never heard from her again. The End.

Yesterday I got an email from Mellie telling me about this blog: . So I moesied onto there and got stuck for an hour. The only reason I ever left the house or went to sleep or got up and got on here was because I had an important meeting to attend then, well you'll see in my next post, then battery ran low on laptop and me, then I got up, and now I've already been on that blog! I already sent Mel a, "thanks a lot", snotty email yesterday. This is like the sleep aid drug disclaimer...make sure you have 8-12 hours to devote to this blog before logging onto it. I love her, I hate her. I love her 'cause she's so flipping hilarious, beautiful, talented, and she's living my dream life. And that's also why I hate her. Come on ladies, we can't like women we think are better than us, it's not good for our self esteem. I like having friends who are dumber, uglier, less funny, less talented than me because that way they look up to me and flock around me oohing and aahing and making me their queen. I AM ANNA NICOLE-I NEED AN ENTOURAGE ! I'm so sorry, my dear loyal friends, that you had to find out this way how I really feel. I can't be friends with this what'shername, she's fabulous. BUT, I can devote 8-12 hours of reading pleasure from her blog. In all seriousness, hey the girl's got a sponsored blog, that says it all. It's a real hoot and treat so get out that Snickers Bar and have at it-enjoy!!!