Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've got mail.
I love when I get gifts for myself; I always know what I like. I had to wait a little for this beautiful package to come in the mail. These folks are busy. And you are seeing why. They are Paper Nosh on Etsy.
But wait; there's more. Inside the toile tissue is the above...
...I tell you, it's sooooo fun...
...then, voila! It is layer after layer of eye cream cheese brownies...yum! Check it out.


This could go many ways but I'm going to play it straight. I'm boring like that now-tough titties. I'm a foodie. I came by it honestly; my parents were big time foodies. Anyone who has been in any line with me anywhere has heard that it was nothing for our family to jump in the car and drive 90 miles to Houston when my dad got a hankering for German food (yep, the one on Westheimer). Or really good Mexican food; back when there was only one Ninfa's and it was good. We made elaborate plans when we travelled around where we'd eat. My parents were both from San Angelo so we drove there from Bryan several times a year. We always had to time it around eating lunch at Buchanan Dam. AKA Captain Dan. I apparently called it that once and it stuck. Just like my dad never said "sandwich"; it was "samich". P.S. Captain Dan's had the best TexMex enchiladas. Later, when they drove back and forth from Texas to California, the trips were all planned around Good Earth restaurants. Tucson, L.A., Santa Barbara, San Mateo. We loved Good Earth restaurants. You can still buy their great tea. Okay, so this is my favorite food-zuccini. My dad used to grow it in our backyard in Texas, larger than this one but this one is the largest I've seen in years-15 inches! Best served dipped in egg, rolled in cornmeal, and fried in olive oil. That's not saying too much; so is anything, even dog dooie. But zucchini, wow!
In route...
The final look before devouring. OMG-this is where that term came from-cornmeal fried zucchini. I definitely have carried on the family love of food-especially road food. When I go to Bryan I have a long list of food. Shipley's doughnuts, Jamba Juice (at least twice a day), Schlotsky's, WHATABURGER (the first one is the closest to the airport), chicken fried steak at The Dixie Chicken or Chicken Oil Co., and more. I have to schedule enough time to hit them all and include healthy meals in between. Last month I hit them all except Shipley's and we left Bryan so late that it was closed by the time we drove by on our way out. Third to the first-the people, second-the place. Best State all around.