Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Got Mail from home!!!!

I love when I "forget" that I've ordered something then I'm surprised (no quotation marks, I really am surprised) when I get mail. Today was one of those days and such a good on for it at that. On this gloomy, cold, rainy day and no end of winter in site (yes, still, yesterday we got in the 60's and saw some sun part of the day too-yippie!, but that's been it for us so far this "Spring"), this was a very bright spot in my day.
From Tina at {Glue on my Fingers, Paint in my hair}, a girl from my hometown. I'm guessing she was in kindergarten when I was in high school or worse...I'm going to try my best to find out all the scoop and meet her when I'm there next week. Check out the soldiered piece on the ribbon wrapping the "real treasure" inside. Oh yeah, that's going on a jewelry piece in the next half hour, tops..
Then Voila!!!!! here's the fab soldiered necklace I ordered from her at her Etsy shop ! How fab is this and just in time for me to take to Round Top and the Cowgirl Prom!!!
Another view, more close-up but not as's gonna look best on my gown (gown is the operative word as I'm starting with a night gown, no, not flannel, lace-uhu. That's all I'll say for now but I'm making up for the dorky dresses my mom picked out for the dances I went to in junior high and high school. Sorry, Mom, but just because it comes from Neiman's does make it right; your taste back then ran towards the matronly, upper crust New England or Neiman's-in-Amish-country look. But I digress drastically.) at The Cowgirl Prom hosted by the Junk Gypsies. See link on right. Anyway, I'm a comin' to town, Miz Tina, and I wanta meet ya'. Pics? Oh yeah!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nene and Woody's New Digs

I know y'all love it when I blog about Nene's new decors so I'm not here to disappoint. Yet another move recently, a rental this time as their house sold before they have even started to build their own home. Dare we say "their" house? They are in an interesting neighborhood, oh so much closer to me than before!, and I had to laugh hard when I walked into the door to be greeted by the above. I said I was sure theirs was the only house, probably in the county at least, but certainly in the neighborhood decorated anywhere near how theirs is. I didn't take photos of the exterior (she wouldn't let me), but no way does the outside prep you for the inside.
Next you are greeted by the Radio Dog-the perfect pet.
And here's the living room in its glory...
...what Nene calls "Mecca" out of respect for Woody, of course. She does a fab job of distraction as usual...
...with those details.
Then you stroll right into the dining room to be met by this beauty who used to live in the bedroom but looks equally at home in the dining area...
...with its...oh yeah...details...
...and overview...
...and ever interesting and inspiring...ummm...details.
Into the kitchen where there shall have to be some surprises left here, not quite finished but still looking pretty darn cute......and I said to Nene, "Is there anything you can't do?". Look at these photos she took of her grandkids, she has a real gift but is too humble to admit it-a real gift. You can see more of them on her Facebook page if you find her and get her to accept you as a friend!
This was the only party pic I got from the bedrooms; they aren't quite ready for the photo op except here's another great photo she took, precious.
In the back of the house is a glassed-in porch, wonderful. Well, it might not have always looked anywhere near this wonderful-my guess would be-not even close. I could be wrong; perhaps the previous residents did have an animal print chaise. I should not judge before the facts are known.
They probably had a beautiful dark wood side board with a fab Italian mirror, cast iron bust, and topiary but here's Nene's version.
What I'm just giving you the essence of here is the panelling on the wall of the sun room; there is a bit of a hunting theme "burned" into the wood. Okay, that's the show for now. Of course I'll update as I can but you can see that Nene is well on her way to making this yet another wonderfully beautiful home for she and Woody for the next year. Number...? Anyone want to guess? If you guess correctly you get to help them move next year!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is my kind of retail therapy

Okay, I went to the flea market a couple of weeks ago and got some things but it was a completely different experience going with Janine (Nene) who was in her adopted cultural element. Above, our fave booth-hands down.
Freshly returned from Costa Rica and with many, many years of travelling and living in Mexico and South America, she not only is completely comfortable with the culture (as am I) but knows all the scoop behind some of the cultural icons (me, not so much) and is much more fluent that I.
So last Sunday we drove and drove and drove and it was so much more worth it not only to have someone else to share it with...the best sister girl to share it with...but also the authority on all manner of knowledge of the merchandise and great at pointing out all the totally cool stuff that I didn't either see or didn't "get".
I'll be driving and driving and driving this next Sunday to go back to get birthday gifts for Justin and treats to take to Lucas and Kristen and hostess gifts while in Texas. I'm so tempted to get a bas mitzvah gift for a friend's daughter but even I can't seem to go that far in inappropriateness. We're talking fiber optic lighted Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc. Even I know that the huge, shiny pictures of the crucifix are going too far. Some of the jewelry with OLoG were really beautiful...I like to be a little different but I respect the importance and seriousness of a bas mitzvah.
All manner of fine things, here's Nene showing off the "Hollywood" style look.
Many other folks like it there too.
As I said...all manner. And the prices make it a fab cheap date. Next week we are taking Nene's daughter, Heidi. As Nene says, not many folks appreciate the wonderful cultural experience like we do-the food aromas, the music, the folks, The Merchandise!

Friday, March 20, 2009

That was sooooo last week...

The last couple of weeks have been hard. I'm not even going to try to be enlightenedly politically correct by having proper perspective-I tried that. It was better in the end to just feel what I felt and then I knew it wasn't going to last. That part was easy, thankfully, that I could pinpoint the weather as the biggest offender to my disposition. We had only seen the sun a couple of times in the past couple of weeks and still cold-still the PTCWFS with some other coincidental challenges thrown in. I was really feeling sorry for myself last week and early this week; that's why I didn't blog-I knew it was a bad combo platter of mid-life crisis, menopause, ill-intentioned folks, and cold dreary weather but was pretty sure it was temporary. I always had/have Texas coming up to look forward to-that's gets me through most anything.
Sooooooooo, if it looks like I've done nothing but shop stuff, you're pretty close. Although I did do the "mental health day" on Monday-in bed with books and mags, I was off and running by Tuesday getting the shop ready for a new influx of furniture, picked up said furniture on Wednesday (even at 10 miles away it was a harrowing experience) and at the shop 'til 11 that night hauling out old and display pieces and rearranging the new.I know I just redid the shop last week following the DCBF but I was ready for A WHOLE NEW LOOK, one I've wanted for years but didn't have the chance until now. I've always loved the look of a bed set up with furniture inside as a vignette. I've got a really nice woman I consign for who is paring down prepping for a big move so that's where the furniture came from. Beautiful antiques. The gorgeous bed has been retro-fitted to be a queen size! Plus, plus, plus...just a fresh look.
It's a cheaper form of retail therapy-be the one selling not buying-although there have been so many new things coming into the shop that I can't say I haven't been using a little of that therapy too.
We finally saw a peek of the sun and slight warmth on Wednesday, just enough to get us through yesterday-dreary rain and cold-and today it's sunny but still in the 40's-ugh but climbing the next few days. Calgone, take me to Texas!
In the end I'm very much aware of perspective but I also have to admit what are real feelings and do what I can to get to the other side and keep it together as best I can until it passes. If you have these feelings, please don't ignore them, share with someone sympathetic whom you trust what you are feeling-just talking about it can help. You don't have to be starving, homeless, or on the battlefield to justify feeling very down-you must not feel guilty because your life is otherwise relatively good or even great but you feel bad. It's called depression, temporary or not and should not be ignored. This too shall pass, pass it with a loved one.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shop Redeux

Bring back things after a show usually inspires, or at least provides the room for, a move-around in my shop. I certainly was in the mood this time. I guess that mood strikes me once a month or so...mmm...yeah, probably a link there.
Mamma's monkeys in their little carriage again. They get a title because they and their maker deserve it. I'll just let you view the other photos as you like. Check The Pink Cabbage Blog out next to see major updating including a new shop and newly co-joining areas.
...I'll be baaaaack.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Report from The Flea

I knew it was going to be a good weekend but hoped it was also a sign of success when the Holiday Inn ran short of rooms and had to put me in their best room! Top floor suite with living room, bar, big screen t.v., balcony, hallway, big bathroom...
...king size bed with another big screen t.v. At first I thought, "Should I just bag the show and spend the weekend lounging in this room?". Of course I'm just responsible and reasonable enough to just fantasize about it. I got my butt back in the truck and drove my stuff over to the show and unloaded and set up. I did spend more time in my room than I ever have, no partying over the weekend-only relaxing when possible.
Here's my stuff. Since I was last minute in signing up I was lucky to get in and in our usual isle. Several booths down but in the hood. It was like old home week. It had been about a year since I did my last show (alone then too, I remembered) and seeing everyone was lots of fun. As Paul Wolfgang would say, it's like carny folk or jail mates, unusual but close friendships that would be unlikely to occur under "normal" circumstances. It's what makes them particularly special. Plus friends who come as buyers who I know from blogging, ect. who are fun to see any time but this is where we happen to run into each other.
I thought I took lots of stuff but I forgot how many folks have their booths jammed and stacked but I felt good by being manageable.
My primary motivators were "adopted" Saturday morning-yaaaaaaahooooooooooo! It was all a downhill ride from there. I sold the set of lockers and the very heavy but beautiful Victorian sofa I had rescued on a whim from going over the wall at the dump. A guy was going to dump it and I couldn't stand it. I had it recovered and the beautiful wood with hand carving refinished and then...umm...had no where to put it. It needed a formal living room which I don't have. It was at Nene's for a while staging their home for sale but, fortunately for them, the house sold right away but the sofa had to go live in the garage again. It was a win-win-win deal; the woman who bought it loves it and got a GREAT deal and I got the money out of it that I'd put into it and a beautiful historical piece of furniture was saved. Whew!
As I said, I liked my set up being manageable; I needed the money but I didn't want to kill myself getting the merchandise there-it was just enough. There have been times where I/we felt overwhelmed with merchandise and the customers seemed to also.
I had several of my new genre of necklaces I've assembled and sold out...another yippee! Even the mannequin went bye-bye when it was no longer needed. Saturday was like the good old days with the isles full most of the day but Sunday was pretty snoozy. By then I was so tired I spent very little time in my booth as I was afraid I'd fall asleep if I sat too long. Still I made enough sales to feel responsible and in real need of the dough-reality. After I'd sold several small pieces I asked friends, Paul and Julie if I could borrow their pretty little black wood table with two shelves and sweet spindles and they said yes. By the time I got back to my booth there were Paul and Ron, below, rolling a cart with Linda's (Linda sitting) naugahyte bar and stools towards my booth instead of the cute table. At first I wanted to take their faces off then I pop some flowers and other things on it, Ron gave the "bar lean", Linda took a seat, I took a photo, and I was in love. It's so not me that I thought it was perfect and fun. And below is me, at least the part that shopped. I'll give you the most special part which is what I brought that was dad's nail belt you can see...
CHECK OUT the pin that was hiding at the booth DIRECTLY ACROSS FROM MINE. OMG, I will be attaching it to my grandmother's pearl necklace in solidarity to both my grandparents and A&M. And below, at the same booth, there was a button that seemed to speak to me...still trying to figure out what the appeal is...hardy, har, har.
I told the promoter, Joan, that I'd never seen the building look better. I'd never seen so many beautiful booths in one place. I was really tired after setting up Friday night but I couldn't resist, for the first time in years, to walk up and down every isle of that huge building with jaw slack. There were many photos I made a mental note of taking the next morning since I'd forgotten my camera in the room. Above, friends, Betty and Ron's, fun booth.
I was so anal about the alarm Friday night, like the Jean Paul episode of Seinfield, but something happened to the radio station because the alarm had gone off but with so little sound it didn't wake me. Thank goodness for Julie calling and waking me an hour after I had intended to get up but in time to walk in right before opening. Soooooooooooo, I got a lot fewer photos than I had planned but still a few. It probably saved me some money that way too, I couldn't shop since I was alone and had to stay in my booth most of the time, getting friends to help me with breaks.
Above and below, some sweetie friends' booth, one of the more fab and swanky...candy for adults only!
Below, two photos of a lovely booth belonging to a lovely couple. I could have just moved in. The large framed piece below is a western themed NEEDLEPOINT in a beautiful wood frame...drool...thank goodness it was $700...a non-brainer.
And more fun stuff...
...this assemblage was called "Mary and Baby Jesus", it was unbelievable and I wish I could have gotten more details but it would have to be its own post.
I got to meet Ted who makes these robots that I've been seeing in a lot of magazines lately. He's gotten pretty darn popular with good reason, these are so wonderful and, of course, unique.
I know you won't want to miss it next time!!!!