Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Funky Flea

This last Saturday was The Pink Cabbage's second biggest event of the year (our holiday open house is #1).  This was the 4th year; it just keeps getting bigger and better every year.  Not only is it fun and socially and financially successful but we also raise a nice chunk of change for The American Cancer Society.  Our shops host the event by offering people to set up as vendors in the back yard and the parking lot and large piece of land next door.  All the vendor fees to rent their space goes to ACS, we donate some from each of our shops, and we have a donation jar at the front desk.  We usually give a check for $1500-2000 every year.  I hadn't had a space during the event in a few years; not since Matt wanted to unload all of his toys and we sat right in the direct sun on a hot day but he made some money.  This year's goal was to recover at least half of our packed two-car garage.  Done!  Three pickup truck loads of stuff priced like garage sale prices (lots of dealers picked from me) went like hotcakes!  I was pretty good on my end, only bringing home yet another handsome man for my household, David, above.  He told me he needed to come home with me.  Wadayagonnado?  Couldn't be rude.

Here's our ad that went into the papers and sent out to our priceless email customer list.  Jody always does a fantastic and tireless job of promoting anything to do with our shop and this is no exception.
Just one of the many other vendors selling their wares.  I didn't take photos so I'm using the few that Jody took.
Me, advertising my Hot Girl Pearls that cool a girl off after being in the freezer for a while-they really work!  It was a little cool that day.  Someone asked me why I was wearing them on a day that was so cool...duh...cute, right?  ADVERTISING.  The day was extra fun for me because our buddy Ron came and we had lunch in lounge chairs in the sun and listened to music and chatted with folks.  He's such good company even on his worst days but this was, I think, his first public event where he didn't know people and was meeting a lot of new people without Glynnis, and he was great company.  Six months.  He's no where out of the woods but I think he's seeing between the trees finally.  
Our Jackie with her shiny new high school grad, John, who helps us with the parking each year.
Our Kim, artist and person extraordinaire.
Karen and Janet, our fab twins.
Great, mellow band, Greasy Hands-really good.
Umm...I'll know her name well soon.  She and her husband are moving into the store next to us that's been empty for a while.  WE CAN'T WAIT.  Their food was great and we miss having somewhere to have handy.  I think the customers are going to love shopping then lunching for a full, fun amusement-park-for-women experience.  A good time was had by all, woohoo!