Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sweet Little Nest Swap

Swap partner, Megan, look away unless you want to ruin your surprise, I mailed it out today. Anyway, here is the nest that I made for Megan for the swap. The day after I signed up for the swap I was in JoAnn's and they had big, round, silk rose ornaments. I instantly loved the look and had the idea to cut them in half, scrape out the middle, and stuff it with nesting tid bits, and Voila!
Tammy of Sweet Finds at the Pink Cabbage had the hearty blue eggs and big, antique, paper umbrellas. I had the vintage paper shreds, flowers, birds. I searched for the perfect real tree limb to mount it on. You should see the back of my car and my limb collection. I've since made several for the shop, will be making some for Etsy, and have even made some with the limb as the tree in gilded pots and the nests in the trees, really fun. Anyway, like I told Megan, I hope she enjoys having the nest as much as I did making it...