Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are all thrilled (pun intended) that we got tickets to see the MJ movie Friday night. It's like a dream come true after the nightmare of loosing him. This is the closest we've/we'll ever be to seeing him in concert. Maybe better as far as viewing since we'll be in a theater and we will all be able to see it close up. What a blessing for all us fans...I'll let you know what we think. I hope everyone who wants to see it gets the chance.

Party pics from the Balto Big Flea

Here are the pics from last weekend's Baltimore Big Flea. These are mostly of my area. You have to visit The Pink Cabbage Blog to see more wonderful vignettes. Karen, Jody, and I did the show. There were supposed to be two more Cabbagettes but they had other plans come up at the last minute. Good thing we always have enough stuff to fill in the spaces! It was not a great show overall for most folks there sales wise but socially it's always fun too see all the folks who run with this circuit/circus!