Wednesday, March 4, 2009

DC Big Flea-Here I Come!!!!

I got my confirmation yesterday that I'm definitely in the DCBF this weekend. Good to know 'cause I gotta take my first load tomorrow night and gotta pack for the rest. Plus finish tagging, photographing, and put the finishing touches on several pieces. Yet here I am, blogging. I had other things I HAD to do here so it's just a break from the hard work I've already put in this morning. See you there...I'm in the South (big, main) building, booth number 543 which I believe is the back half between the middle isle and the right side wall...FYI. Pray for me and my wallet, please, it's not just for me.

If Not Now, When?

The woman, above, called 911 just in the nick of time. She was admonished for calling regarding the emergency for this situation. If you can't use 911 for this kind of emergency then when can you call? What constitutes an emergency? What is the definition of "emergency" anyway? And did we ever get that answer about what defines "sex"? Please watch the video by clicking on the link bar below. Don't forget to pause the music playlist before clicking on the vidie bar. It's an amazing, heart-warming story about our priorities in society today. Or perhaps more study fodder for hormone treatment decide.

Mind Wide Open March Challenge Submission

If you click on the sidebar image you will go to Mind Wide Open and you can submit an art piece for their March Challenge. Here's my submission for the challenge. I call it "Take Me to Where Spring Is". I will have this piece for sale at the DC Big Flea this weekend only Dorothy and Toto will be in the basket. I shall let y'all know if I win anything from the challenge. It did inspire me a lot to do this, actually as a combo of what I was already working on but can click on the photo to see it enlarged and a better view. Thanks for looking.