Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Treats from A Treat-Filled Outing

These are the photos of most of the treats I got while on my fun field trip with Fran and Nene last week.  We went to Luckett's Country Store and the Luckett's Design House sale.  The Design is open once a month with the holiday season being the most merchandised but always fab.  The dude above came out of the house.  You just know the boys are going to find something wrong with him being set up like this in our entryway.

Always have to include the wonderful car headlight whenever I can but the new pieces are by themselves below...

...a repro queen crown and old ??? with an old piece of a birth certificate in the middle.  

Great price on yet another clock for my collection...some day I'm going to count them, but,
until then...
It's only been a few days but have gotten soooo many compliments on this bracelet that I got at Luckett's.  I made the ring above it by taking an "old" Jill Swartz earring and attaching it to a ring frame.  It goes perfectly with the new bracelet.  Hammered brass, coral flower, brass flourishes, and "pearls".  I unpacked this right away and have barely taken it off since.  

Not gotten from the outing, ordered online, is my new computer skin.  From The Decal Girl has many looks to choose from and it's really nice.  The photo isn't great; the bottom is actually as colorful as the top-just glare from the flash.  There's a piece for the top of the laptop and also on that goes perfectly around the keys and mouse inside.  You just tell them which laptop you have and which design and voila!  So fun.  TTFN!!!

Paradise, plastic bird or not.

My college roommate, Stacy, from now 35 years ago had her birthday last week.  She called me late in the week and asked if I wanted to make her birthday even better.  I said yes, of course.  She said she had a last minute meeting scheduled in Richmond, VA (we've met there before-just under 3 hours from me and an easy drive) and, if she took a vacation day and stayed an extra day would I be willing to drive down and spend a night with her.  Durr! Uh, ya.   The above photo was taken in the bathroom at a cute little cafe' where we ate.  I had to feel it to find out if it was plastic or not, it looked so real.  It was plastic but I would have loved to have had/bought it.

We had 24 hours of pure bliss just being together.  Doesn't matter when, where, or how, it's just bliss.  Ironically, she's been to Richmond many times-me only once before-but she had never had time to see the fun, cool parts so I got to show her.  Above we were in, what just might be, the coolest store in Richmond.  Yum.  I bought nothing!  Remember, last week I went on that fun outing with Fran and Nene?  I haven't even had the chance to unpack the goodies I got from then and when I do I want to share.  Until then, my heart is full, my soul is happy, and I am so very blessed.  I love you Stacy.