Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Paris Flea Market Rides Again!!!!!

As Nene would say, "Oh boy, Oh boy"!!!! It's that time of the year again and the Paris Flea Market is coming up next month. And next month is coming up real soon. There are too many elements of fun in this event to mention here but I'll try my best with highlights. First there's the cottage itself. I know that I overuse "fab" but since I haven't found a better term let's just use it here knowing it's an understatement in this case. The building is fab, the interior is fab, and the back yard where the market occurs, also fab. The items that they offer for sale are stunning and oh~so special. This shop is for those who purchase for the soul not the show. As I told them last year, it's like an amusment park for adults. And, being the kid that I am, the only reason I left without throwing a huge temper tantrum was because I had so many new treats in my car to take home and play with! Then there are Ann, Linda, and Amy. Ann and Linda are the owners and Amy (of Inspire Company fame) shares the shop with her own special area. These gals are off-the-charts fun. Last year was like a two day laugh fest. It's soooooo uplifting to be around them, it's all smiles and giggles. The talent and creativity is awe-inspiring. We (us vendors) spent the first couple of hours ooooing and ahhhing over not only the things for sale but the way in which they are displayed. We all agreed that we wanted to move in and stay. Anyway, they are three sweet, fun, smart, creative, beautiful women and getting some of their essence is invigorating. Okay, lest I spoil your trip by giving away too many details, I'll finish for now by saying that the Paris Flea Market weekend part is an extra cherry on top. The yummy fresh bakery goods~mmmmmm~the fresh yummy pots o' flowers~whew~the vendors with their wonderful, unique offerings and fun comradery~oh boy~and the live music enjoyed by sitting in the grass under a canopy of beautiful old trees~priceless. So, I'm assuming, we'll see you there...oh, oh, I almost forgot to mention the drive~yikes~my experience was driving back and forth on route 15 from Ellicott City~breath~taking. I'm so trying not to be a drama queen here but I guess being a very visual person I might appreciate some things more than other folks. Plus my daddy taught me how to stop and see the roses every day. I had to pull over and take in the views on one of the legs of my trips. It was evening, the sun was just going down behind the lush green hills and dales (of course there were cows and horses to complete God's decoration) and what came to mind was simply, "purple mountains majesty". I had never seen such a site. The lush green, a thin layer of fog, then topped with the purple of the sunset...I shan't say more...for now. P.S. Before editing this post I had left out some tiny, microscopic really, details. the cottage is located at 219 West Market Street in Historic Leesburg, Virginia (totally cool area). And in case you can't see the dates on the advert above they are are Friday, April 27th and Saturday, April 28th. The link to their website is listed to the right here for more details.

Why? What do YOU do in your spare time?

I keep trying to tell my husband that taxes are for sissies that can't handle a little trip to the pokey. Why, I ask you, would anyone go to those black hole hiding places of tax information when they can spend just under four hours making the perfect tassel for a $2 cheesy vinyl Wal~Mart bathroom roll~up shade? THIS, my good man, is what keeps me off the i.v. of Mai Tais. This is what gets me out of bed. Would I ever rise if I had to face just tax preparation? We all know that answer. This was a particularly challenging week for me (and therefore others) in the department of relationships. Some had to do with good friends, some had to do with therapy, some with auctions, some with...hmmm...I can't say. But I can say that I came unhinged more than a couple of times this week. But here's my recipe for a quick fix: 1 cheesy, vinyl roll up shade (Wally World~for shame) 1 perfectly perky on it's own tassel from Pink Cabbage 1 cutie patootie button/face pin from that lady at the DC Big Flea 1 pink chipboard clock (Recollections) 1 yard of pink raw silk ribbon 1 naturally sepia toned page of your daddy's trumphet music Directions: Turn on Grey's Anatomy and just assemble the pieces. Make sure to allow two days for tweeking and three hours for acquiring the perfect digital picture, then 84 minutes to gaze at your glory and 1 hour to post your wonderful new "who gives a shit" ideas for veiwing by your virtual (and by virtual I mean imaginary) friends. Optional Additions: 3 liter bottle of Coke 1 package of Oreos plus bowl of milk for soaking 1 box o' fine wine Please feel free to post the results of your projects on this blog for all of us to share. Buenos suerte!!!!!