Sunday, March 6, 2011

OOOOOOOh Fun Outing!!

Janine, Fran, and I went to the Design House and Luckett's Country Store in Lucketts, Virginia as we do every few months.  Fortunately we did before know that the Design House is open once a month; heretofore we had thought it was once a season.  So off we went on Friday.  It's our little everyday (Luckett's Store) version of Round Top.  They have the coolest stuff and arrange it in the coolest way.  It's very much so that one must take home several souvenirs of the fabulous outing.  My wallet is in a cast.

Here are the iron gates leading into the Design House through a barn where there was a mannequin hanging on an old bed spring with some deer to keep her company.  They all speak the same language.  

Right out of the barn is Cinderella's cab with a twist.  I like the cow so much better than, what, mice?

 As soon as you walk in the door there is a cue.  This line is short now but it gets really long and this was after taking 10 minutes to get into here from the back door which is the next room over.
The rooms are just so dang beautiful...

...all the way through.

 Backwards but this is the fabulous wreath on the door to the Design House; didn't shoot it until we were on our way out.

Here we are inside Luckett's Store right next to the Design House.  As you can see, they have loads of eye candy, too... there are the photos of where we went.  Next come the party pics of what came home with me, but first I have another fun outing to take for the next couple of days so I'll post the treats along with fun photos of my newest outing!