Monday, January 15, 2007

Welcome to Club Doojie

What I'm dreaming of here is channelling my inner-Oprah and share with all y'all I care so much about the things that have enriched my life and I hope will enrich other's lives. This is the least co-dependent forum I could think of. Y'all know how I love a good soap box. But this is not just about preaching, hopefully it will come across as sharing, which is what's in my heart. And, ask me anything. I know a lot of useless information about a lot of useless things. But, I do know things like where the cool places are to visit in Portland (learned personally the hard way) and Fredericksburg, Texas, Jackson, WY, Charleston, SC, and even some in DC and Baltimore. I've lived in Texas, California, Wyoming, and now Maryland so I've seen some stuff in my travels. And I know where and what to eat in almost every state (growing up in Texas my family frequently drove 90 miles round trip from Bryan to Houston just to have great German or Mexican food for lunch and many miles out of the way to eat at any Good Earth restaurant in any state). I've got a wide interest in music and reading. But mostly I hang out with and listen to interesting people and hear good information from them and my desire is to boil down the collected data and pass along the best of the best.
I also want to have a place to share photos of my artwork for which I'm always looking the perfect venue or at least better than I've been doing. It's been quite a challenge since our Historic Oella Mill was closed down two years ago. Commercialism, around here, is not so much for mom and pop as it is for big daddy. Soooooo, I'm always looking. I was supposed to be in Texas today seeing Lucas, friends and family I've not seen in a very long time. The weather interfered and we had to postpone. It worked out (but not really at all) because Matt and Justin both have double ear infections, strep, and are really sick. Yesterday, when we were to fly out, I had to take both of them to urgent care and today I was playing phone tag with both of their doctors to get more serious meds. I've been fetching and stepping all day so I decided this would be the gift that I gave myself for having to play nurse instead of Texas cowgirl. And so, it's begun and now back to my crossword puzzle. Please check on me occasionally, in fact I just finished a great book that I will share with you on my next posting. Yessssss, that's a cliff-hanger, wooooooow...