Saturday, March 30, 2013

Post Number 600, What a long, strange trip it's been

When I started this little blog six years ago I had no idea where it was going much like my business, Doojies, that I started going on 13 years ago. Blogs have become clique' in the last few years but I am forever grateful that I have this as my own personal journal and photo album because in real life I've done neither. I've never had a diary or journal and the photo albums were abandoned with the addition of a third child. Photos, yes, album, no. One of these days I'll even remember to do a backup on this so I'll never loose it but what are the chances that I'll remember? Ha. Thank you to my handful of friends who have read my blog along the way. In the end we who have blogs know that it's really for ourselves and if someone else enjoys it, it's another cherry on top. To be able to come to one url and look back and the happiness and heartache and change over the last six years of my life is priceless. Thank you Blogger. Thank you God.