Friday, February 16, 2007

Virtual Tour Continues...

This one on the left was published in Somerset Studio Gallery III book released in October.
These guys to the left are still looking for a good home. They are a nest of tables collaged and sealed with, starting with the largest and working down, Backgammon, Checkers, and Tic-Tac-Toe. They include all game pieces and I have them for sale in my shop including two antique red metal folding children's chairs.
Our Lady of Oats here just went out in the mail yesterday fresh from being adopted from eBay. She was one in a series of my Al Gore-inspired pieces that I've done recently. She lowers cholesterol and saves the environment just by being beautiful! This all took me way too long. I'm going to get myself another tutorial and add more later. Thanks for looking!

Gallery Day!!!!!! Virtual Tour Now Open

Well it's way too cold and blustery to go to Baltimore or DC today to "do" any of the too many to name FABULOUS galleries that we are blessed enough to have at our fingertips sooooooooooo... Here's my little gallery. Some party pics I've been wanting to share. My laptop has a poopie diaper so I found some great photos I had forgotten about on hubby's computer that I'd like to share plus more of my archived work (gone but not forgotten and certainly recorded). These are some shots of our Ellicott City shop from last year. This next one was an "inspired" piece that was purchased from one of our wonderful patrons at the DC Big Flea, Leah.