Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have green fingernails and a new camera.

A combo post of where I left off June 24th when I went from pondering a manicure and pedicure to frying all my hair off all the way to getting a new camera for Christmas.Confused? Why? If I can keep up then anyone should be able to. I, blog-before-last, shared that I got a new camera for Christmas. Then yesterday I finally followed through with that oh so long ago stream of consciousness to have a manicure and pedicure which lead to today's experiment to see how the new camera is working out. Up to date?, and paying for a m/p, I decided to go as far from norm as possible and choose the green over the rusty red that Wonderfully Fun Emma had suggested. It looks like the true color and the clarity is better than the old camera... of my fave pieces of Mellie's art that I've never been able to quite capture as desired but looks good here...
...and I know, yada yada yada, how many times can you photograph the same freaking holiday house? Well I wanted to also do an apples to apples test. I think it's an improvement...looks like the new camera might be a keeper...wadayathink? This is yea or nay, not a vote for or against