Tuesday, May 22, 2012

All inclusive and FREE!!! The Best Eastern Hotel and Tour Service

This little vignette sits right next to the luxurious bed you can stay in for FREE when you come and stay at The Best Eastern Hotel, aka, my house.  Included in your stay is a free tour of our nation's capitol and other historic and groovy sights.  If you are a baseball fan, plan your trip for when the Texas Rangers play the Baltimore Orioles and you will get to visit the beautiful Camden Yards, home of Cal Ripken, Jr.  It is very close to not only the ghetto but also the fabulous Inner Harbor which houses The National Aquarium.  Truly wonderful tourist experiences (and we steer way clear of the ghetto).

Here is the beautiful bed in the private ground floor bedroom.  This area also includes, completely private, a full kitchen, living room, bath, t.v., pool table, and beautiful views of the woods outside.  It also has its own door leading out to a wonderful backyard with undeveloped land, woods, and all the dog poop you can possibly want to scoop!  But the dog who makes that poop is preciously sweet and great security.  Just this area will accommodate five people easily.
The pretty chandelier I made that's in the bedroom.
Sweet ambiant lighting and storage for your items during your stay.
If more room is needed, there is a small guest bedroom on the third floor with this cozy twin bed and another of my creations, a lamp made from an old coffee urn.
Thought the fireplace doesn't work, since it's not a fireplace just a mantel, the room is charming and warm.
And where you won't stay (unless you make us an offer we can't refuse) is our master bedroom.  I'm showing this because I just recently painted it and installed new window treatments.  I call it "Big Sur Post Ranch" style.  Otherwise know as "neutral in preparation for putting it on the market the day Matt graduates from high school".

Another look at my fab find from Wendy Addison, plus a new chair from Jackie at The Pink Cabbage, and a new side table from Jody at The Pink Cabbage.
This is the updated version (6/1/12) moving in the faux antlers with jewelry, hat, and different table.
Yeah, with the high ceilings, it took me four days to paint this mother so I get to post as many photos as I want to of it!

I hope you will consider us for your next vacation plans!!!!  Remember, there is a lot of guilt when you haven't shown your children our nation's capitol and just dumb if you've never seen it yourself or recently!!!!

P.S.  Just two more pics, a new "toy" for the wall in our family room.  This is how people make money on Pinterest; I followed this one all the way to Etsy.  Installed it yesterday and am loving it!

Hobnobbing In NYC

Okay, finally, here's my last post about our trip to NYC for spring break.  I was waiting to unpack my goodies from my "rock star" experience so I could show photos of all, ergo, voila!  Here is the photo of me with none other than WENDY ADDISON at Tinsel Trading Company.  For y'all who aren't in the same art circle as I am and don't know who Wendy is, do yourself a favor and check out her link.  She is one of the first artists that Mary Engelbreit launched through her Home Companion Magazine, so I've been a big fan for a long time.  She walked through behind the counter of the store while I was working with the sales girl and I told the girl I though I had peed my pants a little.  The girl asked if I'd like to meet her and I said...umm...ya!  Wendy was very gracious about meeting me and then offered a photo op.  Oh hale yeah.

Here is one of the little "Wendy's" I got while there.
And finally out and up in my bedroom over the bathroom door where there's a little alcove with a shelf of some of my faves.  (Yes, I have numbers on all the doors in the house)
This is also another "Wendy" I got while at Tinsel Trading Co., the, umm, "vest" of lightweight metal in a light grey finish.  It took a little finessing to get it to fit on my favorite bust but I did it.  You can see more detail of it if you click on the photo and make it bigger; it's cool.  And Tinsel is a huge candy store for artists, love going there whenever we're in town.