Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shout out to Mellie!!!!!

Mellie made a very small mention on her blog of being published so I'm doing for her what I'm completely comfortable doing for myself-shouting it out from the mountain tops! Above is the photo in the book of her contribution. How fab is that? The cool shoes on the dresser, I so heart it.
This is the book that her art is in...
...another page of inspiration in the book...
...pic of the credits page and a close up below with her name.
Oops, I was just thinking that maybe she was keeping it legal by not copying this stuff...oh well...someone needs to show this off. Now go to Amazon and buy it.

Happy Birthday Art!!!!!

Last Saturday was Paul's dad, Art's, 90th birthday. We hadn't had a big to-do since his 80th so it was time to celebrate another milestone.Art is hiding behind Matt in the photo; he hid a lot at photo time but he had a great time, as did all, and held court in many different groups. These are all the cousins who came from New York (the whole family current back to way before Art were born and raised in Manhattan) helping us sing over the cake. Art was really in his element. He's so hail and hearty, we should all be so healthy!
Most in attendance were from Paul's grad school, Penn State, where many of Paul's friends embraced Art as a good friend after Paul left Penn State for California. Above are Gynnis and Glenda, friends since grad school.Convoing with Art here are Michael, our great neighbor friend, Donald, Art's nephew, and Gus, another great neighbor friend.
Chui and Chi Dong, also from grad school, flew in from Florida for the day. How sweet is that? They were true blue friends to Art after Paul left and, as you can see, they still are.
More Penn Staters catching up, in the small world of Meteorology.
More science bonding. It was fun to get all these folks together for such a great occasion.