Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stay Tuned for Great Wonderful News on Friday...

Doojie's Tip of the Day~How to Have a Good Mid-life Crisis and Lead in Lipstick

Today we are swimming in the shallow end of the vanity pool. As you may know, I turned fifty in November which should spur on a mid-life crisis. But I'm too smart for my own good and several years ago I accidentally did the math and and discovered that I was already way past midlife unless I live to be way into my 90's. Running late on discovering mid-life I was well prepared to celebrate turning 50. All my family came and my mom and I went to Nebraska (previous posts) but I wanted to do something for just me. A red Corvette is not really my style (or even in Paul's realm of financial fantasy). I considered a tattoo but it takes me weeks to pick out wallpaper and 11 years to pick bedroom paint (I'm generally very decisive), plus that little needle phobia I have... I discovered COLORED CONTACTS!!! Even I'll admit that my green/hazel eyes aren't bad but I got turquoise colored lenses, and as you can see above, I'm now hypnotically beautiful. You can't tell by the photo that they make my eyes look blue, which is the fun change I was looking for. I know, you can't tell much of a difference but since I'm the one I did it for and I can tell a difference I'm very happy that's all it took to pretty much cure the crisis.
So, while I'm on this deep subject, I'd like to provide a little public service here. One day when I was working for Deb at Bayberry Cove, she and I were riding in the car with Amy and they were talking about how they'd heard in the news that a discovery had been made that certain lipsticks contain LEAD. I asked them about mine and as soon as I whipped it out they said YES THAT'S ONE WITH LEAD. I'd been wearing that same brand and even color for over 15 years. That could explain a few things. So, in a panic, I asked them what I should do and they were at the ready with a cure. I'm no mall (mawl) person but they directed me to Sephora which didn't sound too bad since I'd seen Lorelei Gilmore get excited about it. This above photo is me in Rose Crepe or Crepe Rose. Seems a little tame but actually adds plenty of cheery color without looking unnatural or like a ho. It's a little pricey and doesn't last as long and, as I hate the mawl-I prefer to get my makeup the same places where I get my prescriptions, last minute milk, clothes, and shoes, but I think it's better than pressing lead into my lips each day. I thought I'd include the full photo from which I parsed the close-ups above just for grins so you can see how remarkable the changes are. That's one of the great things about getting older and wiser, you can put things way into perspective.
P.S. You must be able to tell that I don't know how to work my PhotoShop or these photos would be way more flattering.

Tit for Tat

My sister recently posted this photo on her blog excited to find a cafe in Nye Beach, Oregon named after me so I'm returning the favor by posting......this photo of a new restaurant in our area called Mimi's. Mimi is the name that my sister chose to be called as a grandmother. Court is Popi to her Mimi. She didn't think me calling her "MeeMaw" right after learning Maya was pregnant was funny. It's not that likely that I'm going to find a cafe called Valori's since not only did my parents name her Valori to p.o my paternal grandparents (they didn't like my mom much) but they spelled it V-A-L-O-R-I to further poke the "bears".
I was tickled when I saw the signs go up that Mimi's was coming soon knowing that I'd get a photo-op and return her favor. We've since eaten there; the food is great, pricey but great with big portions. Thumbs up on Mimi's and on Mimi The Grandmother, too!