Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At any risk...

...I'll keep from happening here what once happened on Mellie's blog for a long period of time. It's been a long joke with us that every time I checked her blog for literally months this was the photo I saw and just turned away disappointed. I don't want that to happen here! No worries that the diarrhea of the mouth is going to dry up but time sometimes gets away so I gotta give y'all something to keep coming back for and so you won't get anxious and impatient like I did with Mel.
It seems like I've been spending a lot more time on the house than usual. It should come as no surprise since I moved my shop from 15'x12' to 2'x5' and am trying to integrate some of the merchandise into an already (not for me but for some) over-stuffed house. Certainly fully decorated.
I got this print from Paul at PJ's the other day. Can't explain why, I can see objectively that it's a pretty print but, it spoke to me. I painted the frame the same color as the living room, right next to here, and stripe in the dresser. Had to give the striped mirror a break but that's is the breaks when the place is full. I caused me to re-do the top of the dresser...
...by moving some of my silver (polished first-ah-rewarding work) in just like Nene has at her house. I'm just a poser!
Also like Nene, I moved my letter balls from a bird cage into a wire basket and added George just for the fun of it.
Just a peek at the little part of my workroom that's gotten "done". After a month the furniture is finally in place and painted. The rest is not calling out to me...it's all organizational and I need a large time frame to tackle it. I don't like to start unless I can complete the project to my goal and I've not gotten that time yet. Every time I open that room's door it's like checking Mellie's blog and seeing James Gandolfini-it's still all there-poop!!!!!
All the while, we were showing Justin a great time all last week. The morning he was to leave he woke up with one of his episodes of herpes on his eye. He gets it around this time of each year and must see someone immediately. It can cause blindness from even before the outbreak is noticeable so we always jump. Changed his flight to afternoon and here he is being a good sport at the eye doctor-it wasn't as fun as it looked but we got meds and no damage had been done-whew. We miss him terribly, of course, I want all of my children with me all the time.
And unfortunately my friend, Carolyn, is still not feeling well so I'm taking care of her garden at The Conservatory. First task, decorating, of course! It's been nice to have such a calm, nice project to have on hand. But she's going to have to get better asap because she's felt bad way too long and because we are leaving for Bermuda next week. Think I'll have some photos of that? You bet. Don't be thinking Sports Illustrated though...