Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Kind of TV

Ever since they took Gilmore Girls off the air this is what I'm watching on Tuesday nights from 8-9 and many other times in between! I bought this antique t.v. and stand from PJ's many years ago when we were still at Oella Mill and had always intended to put an aquarium in it. Last week I finally got my motivation. When I was out at the Pink Cabbage a man found a box turtle in the middle of the road and offered it to me. I brought "him" home knowing Matt would love it. I had already named it even though I know kids have to name their pets themselves. I wanted to name "him" Arkemitis, long for Ark, short for Almost Road Kill. Then when I found out he was a box turtle I wanted to name him Cassius Clay. Anyway I spent many hours getting the guts out of the t.v. and cleaning it. When Matt came home he decided that the turtle looked like a "Herb". So off we went to get Herb a tank, pool, branch, etc. $91 later Herb had a new pad. BUT his tank didn't end up fitting in the t.v. without Justin having to weld it open plus, plus, plus...too much trouble. Herb is doing well, loves his live bloodworms I feed him but we can tell he really wants to be out roaming instead of stuck in a cage. We read online that they have very strong homing devises and he'd spend the rest of his life trying to get back from whence he came if we let him out near our home, so we are taking him back out to West Friendship this afternoon to let him go. P.S. Herb's cage has started to smell like shit so I'm not crying too hard, we have enough stinky pets without him. Hate to see yougobye.