Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well, wutta heppen wuz...

According to Justin, when posed with a question one doesn't want to really answer, the best way out is to start a sentence with, "Well, wutta heppen wuz...", and the inquisitor will just give up. Well, thatta watt I bean dealin' with furr many a week tryin' ta git these (well, if I call them sombitches that makes me look...well...that's about right) guys to hepp thay mamma 'cause she done hurt her back doin it furr weeks wifout thems. I guess watching me walk around bent over and knowing that I had gone to the chiro every day this week helped me get a pinky-swear from them for today's help. Three strong guys for an hour=Me for two months. Pitiful. I got so much done. It was that dang Pintrest that pushed me over the edge; I have/need to make things and that means finishing the move. So here is a peek. Today was the first in months and months that I whistled and felt like whistling. Funny, This Too Shall Pass by India Arie is playing while typing this. Ha! It's not gone away but things are slightly less painful. Acceptance?...
Ya, that's my chair at my desk! Cross your fingers; the fellas don't know about tomorrow yet.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Until I Write Again...

Still working on moving my studio work room two floors down. Of course I hurt my back in the process so it has been at a stand-still for a couple of weeks. Chiro everyday so I'm desperate that I'm offering Matt's friends real $ to help me this weekend. I can't lift anything but three 14 year olds should be able to carry not-very-heavy boxes of fab crap down two flights. As use, I'll keep you posted. Hang in there. Yeah, the bad back does not keep me off facebook and now Pintrest, oy.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another day, another chandelier.

Scored a round birdcage stand from the brilliant woman who created this chandelier that I got from her a few years ago. Yeah, those are hanging dominoes, checkerboard pieces, and curly wire! I'd moved it into a room where I didn't see it much after we inherited a crystal one from Paul's aunt and uncle and I put it up in our breakfast nook. Anyhoosville, Janine had this stand in the shop for a while but not for sale. I worked Saturday for the first time in a long time and the stand had a price tag on it. Who needs more signs than that? I got used to having some light in this corner of the family room when I had my Christmas tree "thingy" up and had been pondering a standing lamp or...voila!!!!! It makes a beautiful warm glow in that corner adding mucho ambiance to the room. Thanks Nene!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deal with it.

As many of my creations, this was once for sale. I thought it was adorable. I think it of it as my Ashley Carter/Goldbug-inspired chandelier. And, also as usual, it was a great price. So, after a ridiculous amount of time, I realized that if no one else was going to appreciate it then *%^$it, I'm taking it home.
So now I have a great spot for it where I will get to enjoy it hooked onto a birdcage holder. It will be the main lighting for my main work table.
This was the original chandelier I wanted for my new room. This is a shoedelier made by Lisa Loria. It was in Somerset Home or Life. It's a fabulous piece. I wanted it the second I saw it in the publication but didn't know it was for sale. All of a sudden, not only is it for sale but she had lowered it to a great price. I paid her for it and shipping then she got an actual shipping cost of $150. I had to get a grip. I had a cute chandelier. I wanted her chandelier. I have so much more than so many others in general but I also have a fresh perspective of how temporary things are and how I'd give up everything for one more day for many a person's time. Truthfully, I still want it; I'm a recovering shoedelier wanter. I want a famous shoedelier that has been made by another artist and has been published. Actually, I really want Glynnis back more than anything.