Thursday, January 5, 2012

Deal with it.

As many of my creations, this was once for sale. I thought it was adorable. I think it of it as my Ashley Carter/Goldbug-inspired chandelier. And, also as usual, it was a great price. So, after a ridiculous amount of time, I realized that if no one else was going to appreciate it then *%^$it, I'm taking it home.
So now I have a great spot for it where I will get to enjoy it hooked onto a birdcage holder. It will be the main lighting for my main work table.
This was the original chandelier I wanted for my new room. This is a shoedelier made by Lisa Loria. It was in Somerset Home or Life. It's a fabulous piece. I wanted it the second I saw it in the publication but didn't know it was for sale. All of a sudden, not only is it for sale but she had lowered it to a great price. I paid her for it and shipping then she got an actual shipping cost of $150. I had to get a grip. I had a cute chandelier. I wanted her chandelier. I have so much more than so many others in general but I also have a fresh perspective of how temporary things are and how I'd give up everything for one more day for many a person's time. Truthfully, I still want it; I'm a recovering shoedelier wanter. I want a famous shoedelier that has been made by another artist and has been published. Actually, I really want Glynnis back more than anything.

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Julia said...

I want Glynnis back for you. But in the meantime I am praying for you to find a new friend and for Glynnis to send you a sign that she is so okay.

xoxo, Julia