Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Very Deserved Award By A Very Special Woman and Friend

Come on over Julia, a.k.a. Miz Juney and get this well deserved badge. Jules, you do make my day every time I read your blog. You are a fabulous writer because you see all the wonderful seemingly small insignificant things in life that are really very special and you share them in your fabulously sweet, rye self. Altogether your blogs makes for a Baltimore Cup Cake Company cup cake for the soul. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your observations with the world. Remember that even if you think there are only one or two people reading, you know from being a teacher, that changing even one person's life is a huge success. Thank you for being you and sharing you. And there are more people reading and getting soul-stroking than you realize they are just techno-scardies and are afraid to sign up and leave comments. I love you dearly and hearing what's going on in that fun and funny brain of yours!