Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Did you know???...

...that I seem to have the only current copy of Country Home in the world since they stopped publishing it?  When we were on our way to The Virgin Islands we had a lay-0ver in Charlotte, NC and I found this magazine in the airport there.  That and A JAMBA JUICE!!!!  I've checked everywhere and even though they have a website, you still can't order a subscription or see this cover.  And yes, it's great and I'm so hoping that this means it's coming baaaaaack!... 
...and that this blog is meant to be fun and for me to share the lighter side of life with (any?) readers?  I like photos, looking at them, taking them, and posting them.  So I enjoy taking photos of thing I love looking at, doing, or, as in this photo, something I love to eat.
Last week Matt and I took a small road trip to Silver Spring where Paul's only about 45 minutes away in non-traffic hours...but we don't do it often so it's an outing.  Paul got a new office that we wanted to check out and it's very nice but the real draw there is always Mi Rancho.  It is one of the, maybe, three really good Tex-Mex restaurants in Maryland.  So yummy!  The best salsa!  Really good enchiladas which is basically all I eat (just like my bff birthday twin, Nene/Janine).  You can probably imagine that I have lots of other mundane, icky stuff to deal with in life like everyone else but I don't want to share it here.  Where you should go is to Miz JuneyShe takes all sides of life and makes them hilarious.  She edits out some stuff but her spin and attitude on life daily, boring, or exciting make for great reading.  Such a wry sense of humor, I could go on and on but I'll stop here 'cause by this point you've either tuned me out or gone to the right and clicked on her link.  Also check out Hi ya Mippie!, a new blog for Little Melfred/Mel Lobdell.  She's going in a new, great direction (not that there was anything wrong with the other one!). Happy life!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's photograph

Curly Girl Designs

I've been a huge fan of Curly Girl Designs for years and now they have a brand new blog at:
If you go over there soon they are having a giveaway celebrating their new blog.  I picked this card to post as it's my favorite card of hers thusfar.  My husband says a similar thing when he sees me working on my art instead of in the kitchen making dinner.  Her reply is so simply sassy!  So go do yourself a favor and go!