Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I got mail!

Here I go ruining my street cred by making this post. Wasn't it just a few days ago that I claimed, right here, that I'm not a constant consumer or "do" retail therapy? Well this is a relative one-off that I wanted to share plus it's not Gucci stuff, it's great starving artist pieces. Above is what came in the mail from Lilla of Vintage Treasures on Etsy...
...and here's the bag that was inside, beautiful right? I also got a package from sparlespunssupply's profile where the little pink bird cages and the plastic embellishments came from.
The third package was from Retro Cafe Art where the frozen Charlottes came from and the fab tiny frozen Charlotte ring. What bootie! Two for me, the rest for creating other things. It's over for now because Lent officially starts tomorrow and I'm giving up buying until I reach Texas. Jesus wants me to shop at Round Top, that's why He's sending me there.
With the wrapping paper from the purse, a sewing pattern, I collaged the above pair of shoes and embellished them and I'm going to call bookends. They are inspired from a pair that Sandra Evertson made for the One World One Heart giveaway. Don't compare them too harshly. She is after all, Sandra Evertson and I'm just me.
Close up of the "toe buckle"-not a great photo but the best I could do in short order. Thanks for looking.

Get off my lawn.

I'm so tired of winter. It seems to have dragged on and on this year. I hate winter anyway but can usually get through it better than this year it seems. I'm sure part of the problem is the New Year's trip I took to Texas where we were wearing short sleeves at times. Anyway on Sunday, after church, all I wanted to do was go to my childhood farm, get in the john boat with my book, and float in the tank in the warm sun reading for hours.
Instead we went to see Grand Torino. Have I ever mentioned (today) that I KISSED CLINT EASTWOOD ON THE LIPS? I think it's been long enough (about a month?) since I last reminded my readers of this event. I found this photo online which would have been taken around the time THE KISS took place, 1979 or so. I kept hearing good reviews about GT but for some reason had been hesitant. When I read Julia's review, I decided to go. We could see it was waining at the movies-only two showings a day in the small theaters, so we jumped. It's great, I highly recommend it. I never saw the Dirty Harry stuff but I know enough to know it's the older version of that character. Lots of growling...real growling. Good movie, great message. See it when you can. Good but hardly a john boat in the tank reading.