Monday, June 18, 2012

This Is IT.

So, I'm taking a chance here at being sued by Michael Jackson's estate (This Is It) and by (don't ask me, I'm Swedish, I don't speak Swedish) 

HVÍTUR LAKKRÍS a Swedish blog.

I found her photos on Pinterest and followed them to her blog.  I'm assuming she's a she.  I changed the language to English but I'll have to go back and read.  For now I'm stealing photos.  And I have to ask for permission to post these ahead of time (oops).  I'm doing a real quick post here so I have this as a virtual file since THIS IS IT.  This is my complete fantasy home decor.  My bucket list home.
I will save so much money buying the land and house in Texas that I can afford to have her come from Sweden and go to Round Top with me and make my dream home this.
I really hope this dream gets fulfilled before the all off-white thing goes too far out of style or not as then the stuff will be less expensive.  I'll work with what I get.  I have some really good heirlooms that just need a lot of glass to go around them.

I really do have that Swedish thing going on even if it's only 1/4.  I have a pretty impressive clock collection and even one similar to the one above, standing, from...wait for it...Wal-Mart!  Yep, Janine had gotten one first (plain wood, then we painted them) then I found two, sold one, made one for a Swedish themed show house room and kept it.  The pics are on Pinterest.

Tell me the above and below pictures are not the same just one with lots of color.  The one below is a Carl Larsson painting.  I get the same feel except, as I said, the color.  

Are you kidding me?  Checked floors...
...checked floors, cool lamp, lockers...mmm.

I could just pull up a chair and live out my days with this view.  Probably pretty good from the opposite view.
Numbers on the windows-come on.

Clocks and great box.
Clock and great stuff.

Checks again.  Black. And. White.

I have now moved in in my mind.  Set up permanent household.

Last but certainly not least, check out this FENCE WITH WINDOWS BUILT IN.  

Oh, and the clothes I'll be wearing adjusted for the heat and sans the $400 tag for the first little top.  I bet I can find some folks who like to sew in Texas...
Okay, free time, I don't need any more magazines and I've found the best of Pinterest.  So the laundry will have to be done, dinner, call my mom, my sis, live life as best until I find my new local.  As per use, stay tuned and read Miz Juney until I get back.